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October 2010

 Bylaw Amendments — Oct. 2010

The following proposed amendments were approved by government and became effective December 31, 2010.

On October 1, 2010, the Board of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) met to consider changes to the CRNBC Bylaws.

For the purposes of conducting a review under section 4.21 or 4.24 or issuing a direction under section 4.23(4), six members of the board constitute a quorum, provided that a majority of the board members in attendance are elected board members, and at least one-third of the board members in attendance are appointed board members. This quorum of the Board is called the Board Review Panel.

The proposed bylaw amendment reduces the required quorum to three members of the Board and one appointed board member. The housekeeping change deletes section 14.1 and reference to section 14.1 as this transitional section is no longer required.

In order to ensure that the Board Review Panel can meet in a timely way, CRNBC is requesting that the required posting period be shortened to 30 days.


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