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Quality Assurance

The following proposed amendments were accepted by government.​​ ​​

On August 15, 2016, the Board approved quality assurance (QA) bylaw amendments to support introduction of prescription review and to strengthen data confidentiality for both prescription review and multi-source feedback (MSF):

Section 1.19: QA committee

  • Rebalance the committee's composition to include more nurse practitioners and public representatives.
  • Enhance the committee's mandate to include monitoring and reviewing registrant drug prescribing practices, identifying related issues and providing related information to registrants.
  • Clarify and confirm that the committee's meetings, activities and records are confidential.

​Section 5.01: Assessment of professional performance

  • Clarify and confirm that MSF is collected on a confidential basis and that the information collected includes knowledge or opinions about a registrant's employment, occupational or educational history and personal recommendations or evaluations about the registrant.
  • Expand the performance assessment option of reviewing patterns and processes of assessment, diagnosis, and clinical treatment including prescribing, to apply to all registrants instead of nurse practitioners only.

Section 5.09: Professional pra​​​ctice groups

This section will be repealed.

Section 5​​.11: QA information

  • Clarify and confirm that information obtained through the QA program may only be used for the purposes of the QA program including monitoring and reviewing of drug prescribing practices  and providing drug prescribing information to registrants.
  • Provide that disclosure of aggregated, anonymized drug prescribing data to registrants and others is a permitted use of QA information.

As required by the Health Professions Act (HPA), notice of these proposed bylaw amendments is published on the CRNBC website and has also been given to the Ministry of Health and the other colleges established under the HPA.​

 Effective Jan. 18, 2017

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