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Quality assurance practice hours

The f0llo​​wing proposed amendments were accepted by government.​​

Quality assurance practice hours

The proposed amendments would change the QA program's basic practice hours​ requirement so that successful completion of a post-basic degree in nursing/nursing-related field within the previous five-year period, or current enrollment in such a program, are options for registrants to meet the basic practice hours requirement on renewal or reinstatement of registration.​

​​At present,  bylaw 5.05(e), Basic Practice Hours Requirement, allows individuals who were enrolled in a program satisfactory to the Registration Committee at any point in the previous five year period, to meet the basic practice hours req​uirement for practising status. This is the case even if they do not have recent RN practice and have not continued their academic studies.  ​

The proposed bylaw amendments reflect the principle that only those individuals who have either completed a degree program within the last five years or are currently enrolled in a program satisfactory to the Registration Committee will meet the basic practice hour requirement. The latter is being proposed to address educational program requirements that post-graduate nursing students must hold practising status with CRNBC. ​

Effecti​​​​ve​ Feb. 2, 2018

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