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NP Standards Committee — prescribing

Approved Bylaw Amendments 

Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee: Nurse Practitioner Prescribing of Controlled Drugs and Substances

On Feb. 6, 2015, the Board of the College of Registered Nurs es of British Columbia (CRNBC) approved amendments related to the:

  • Section 1.24: Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee: Changes to membership and the enactments under which the Committee can make recommendations to the Board.
  • Section 6.13: Notices to Pharmacists and Licensed Dealers of Narcotics and Controlled Drugs: Nurse Practitioner prescribing of controlled drugs and substances. The proposed additions give authority to CRNBC’s Registrar to share information with the federal Minister when an NP has been convicted of an offence or failed to comply with a relevant standard.
  • Sections 1.14(11)(c) and 4.17(b): Minor administrative wording changes.


RESOLVED THAT in accordance with the authority established in section 19 (1) of the Health Professions Act, and subject to filing with the minister as required by section 19 (3) of the Health Professions Act, the Board amend the Bylaws of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, as set out in the Schedule attached to this Resolution.

Schedule of amendments

The bylaws of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia made under the authority of the Health Professions Act are amended as follows:

Blackline copy

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