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Winter 2014

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Regulation Matters

A resource for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Winter 2014
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Nursing Community Assessment Service Initiative
New authority coming for RNs and NPs
Nursing updates
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Nurses asked
Governance updates
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Nursing Community Assessment Service Initiative

BC's nursing regulators are pleased to announce that the BC Ministry of Health is supporting the launch of a pilot project for the creation of a new Nursing Community Assessment Service for Internationally Educated Practitioners by March 2016.

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New authority coming for RNs and NPs

The BC government plans to bring the Statutory Property Guardianship Regulation into force on December 1. This will allow RNs and NPs to assess financial incapability and provide opinions about an adult's capability.

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Excellence awards for 36 nurses

We are delighted to announce this year's CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipients.

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Nursing updates

Certified practice and DST updates

The Remote Nursing and RN First Call DSTs have been updated. Nurses are asked to review and incorporate into practice the revised DSTs. Read more

There is a new webinar on DSTs related to Sexually Transmitted Infection. Read more

Update: Controlled drugs and substances prescribing

Our board has approved standards, limits and conditions for NP controlled drugs and substances prescribing. Although approved, these are not yet in effect. Read more

More nursing updates

Scope of Practice for Nurses: Influenza-like illness
New tool to support nurses who dispense
Ebola preparedness plan
NP practice analysis project
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Registration renewal begins soon

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners will need to renew their registration between January 2, 2015 and February 28, 2015 to continue to practise after March 1, 2015. You can check employees' renewal status throughout this period, using our verification system. You can now check bulk records, export results to Excel and view pending status.

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 NEWS  Colleges issue joint statement on dispensing
 CASE STUDY  What were the warning signs?
 NEWS  Tuberculosis screening
 NEWS  Dispensing Medications Practice Standard revised (June 2014)
 NURSES ASKED  I think I have the flu. If I call in sick, the unit will be short-staffed. Can I work?
 NEWS  New application process for IENs
Nurses Asked
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Do my clients have the right to know my name?

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Is diagnosing or treating asthma part of CRNBC-certified practice?

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Governance updates


The latest NCLEX communique has been posted. Read more

Reinstatement bylaw

A bylaw change has been proposed concerning registration reinstatement. Read more

International licensure

Our CEO/Registrar's latest blog post delves into this topic. Read more

View summaries of resolved complaints

OSCE news

December 2014 OSCE

The December 7, 2014 (Family & Adult) results are expected by the end of January 2015.

2015 OSCEs

The 2015 Objective Structured Clinical Exams will be on June 21, 2015 (Family and Pediatric) and December 6, 2015 (Family and Adult).

Regulation Matters is a quarterly resource for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners in BC. It contains timely information about nursing regulation and issues relating to our mandate that may impact your work.

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