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Summer 2015

Regulation Matters | Spring 2014
CRNBC | College of registered nurses of British Columbia


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Regulation Matters

A resource for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Summer 2015
In this issue
Paige's heartbreaking, devastating story
Readership survey results
Public advisory: David Turner Robert
Nursing updates
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Nurses asked
Registration and governance updates
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Photos courtesy of Paige's family © B.C. Representative for Children and Youth

Paige's heartbreaking, devastating story

We are deeply saddened by the latest report from B.C.'s Representative for Children and Youth, which details a heartbreaking and devastating story of abuse. Protecting children and the vulnerable is a critical obligation of the nursing profession.

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Photo © Veer/pbombaert

The readership survey results are in

Of those who answered our survey, sent a few issues ago, 70 per cent say they read the newsletter every time they receive it. The survey also prompted helpful suggestions from readers.

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Public advisory: David Turner Robert

A former registrant, David Turner Robert, worked as a registered nurse while not holding practising registration.

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Nursing colleges explore working together

The boards of the three nursing regulators (CLPNBC, CRNBC and CRPNBC) met in April to discuss ongoing collaboration. Also on the table: how to best consolidate our relationship for maximum benefits and impact.

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Nursing updates

Government requests feedback on draft regulations

The Ministry of Health has proposed changes to the nursing regulations to clarify the scope of practice of the four nursing disciplines. Changes to the regulation will clarify the legal authority for providing orders for restricted activities amongst nurses.

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Key CRNBC publication updated

We recently updated our publication, Overview of the Health Professions Act, Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation, and CRNBC Bylaws.

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More nursing updates

New FAQS on prescribing controlled substances
Two certified practice courses approved​
Announcing better liability protection​
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Most Popular
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 NURSES ASKED  Sometimes we buy our patients gifts and cake for their birthdays and wonder if this is appropriate. What should we consider?
 NURSES ASKED  Sometimes I'm unable to complete all my client assessments according to our protocols. What should I chart in the client's record?
Nurses Asked
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I want to take on a new role but some aspects of the role go against my personal values and beliefs. What are my options?

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What are my responsibilities if I am providing regulatory supervision and the student does something that causes harm?

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Read resolved complaints

We post summaries of resolved complaints.
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OSCE news

Objective Structured Clinical Exams will be held on June 21 (Family and Pediatric) and January 24, 2016 (family and adults). We posted the pass rates for the 2014 OSCEs. Read more

NCLEX news

The latest NCLEX newsletter is online. Read more


Understanding the organizations that support nursing

Our Registrar/CEO's latest blog post delves into this topic. Read more

What's the BCNU lawsuit about?

We posted a brief explanation of the BCNU lawsuit commenced against CRNBC and the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. Read more

2014-15 annual report

Our latest annual report offers a in-depth look at the work of the college; at the forefront of relational regulation. Read more

Regulation Matters is a quarterly resource for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners in B.C. It contains timely information about nursing regulation and issues relating to our mandate that may impact your work.

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