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Spring 2014

liner.gif Spring 2014
Vol. 9, No. 1

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Regulation Matters
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A report that nurses need to know about

Excellence awards for 36 nurses

Two changes affecting IEN applicants

Nursing Updates

Registration Updates

Supports for nursing practice

Governance Updates

A report that nurses need to know about

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, the B.C. Representative for Children and Youth, submitted a report to the B.C. Legislative Assembly in February 2014. Her report, Lost in the Shadows, How a Lack of Help Meant a Loss of Hope for One First Nations Girl, outlines the tragic account of a 14-year-old First Nations girl who endured ongoing abuse and eventually committed suicide. The report describes how this young girl slipped through the cracks because of systemic shortfalls.

Protecting children and the vulnerable is a critical obligation of the nursing profession. Nurses are encouraged to read and familiarize themselves with the report's findings. Read more

Excellence awards for 36 nurses

We are delighted to announce this year's CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipients. Read more

Two changes affecting IEN applicants

SEC assessment user-fee model

Internationally educated nurse applicants (IENs) are now required to pay a fee to complete a Substantially Equivalent Competence (SEC) assessment. Effective immediately, the Government of British Columbia is implementing a sustainable user-fee model. Read more

New streamlined application process

Starting on August 12, IENs who want to work as a registered nurse in Canada will use a new streamlined application process. Read more

Nursing Updates

Prescribing controlled substances

The draft standards, limits and conditions on narcotic and controlled substance prescribing were reviewed last fall. Read the consultation results

The next step is the development of a statement of competencies for NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances. Read the latest update

Vendor chosen for national NP practice analysis

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators has selected a vendor to analyze NP practice across Canada. The work will support a national approach for NP licensure/registration. Read more

Certified Practice: DST Updates

Nurses are asked to review and incorporate into practice the revised DSTs. They outline current Certified Practice requirements for Contraceptive Management, and Sexually Transmitted Infections Management.

Registration Updates

Latest OSCE results

The December 2013 Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) pass rate for family NP candidates was 70%. The next OSCE (family and pediatric) is on June 22.

Are your nurse employees registered?

Registration renewal ended February 28. Please ensure your registered nurse and nurse practitioner employees have current practising registration by checking their status through our nurse verification service.

Supports for nursing practice

Nurses' questions answered

We created a bank of nurses' questions and our answers about applying the standards. For example, "Our clients want us to contact them by text. Is this okay and what should we consider?"

Early Intervention Program (Health)

Employers can refer nurses to this program, which is for nurses with any illness that could affect their ability to provide safe patient care.

Governance Updates

Read the latest resolved complaints online

Under B.C. law, health profession colleges in B.C. must publicly post the outcome of disciplinary proceedings that result in actions against health professionals. View summaries of resolved complaints

CRNBC Named a Top Employer

We are one of B.C.'s Top Employers for 2014. Read more

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