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Fall 2017

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Regulation Matters

A resource for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Fall 2017
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Reporting suspected impairment or drug diversion in the workplace
Medical assistance in dying: what is a conscientious objection?
One nurse regulator update
Nursing updates
Conduct notice
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Nurses asked
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Duty to report

Reporting suspected impairment or narcotic diversion in the workplace

Here's what you need to know about your legal and ethical reporting responsibilities when you're concerned about a colleague's behaviour. A must-read for all nurses and managers.

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Medical assistance in dying: what is a conscientious objection?


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Until now, Jamie hasn't thought about participating in a client's medically assisted death, but when a colleague asks him how he feels about it, he realizes he needs to sort it out. Does he have a conscientious objection to medical assistance in dying? What is a conscientious objection?

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More case studies

Stolen or missing Controlled Prescription Pad
Taking pictures of clients: is it ever okay?
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Becoming one college: update from the three nursing regulators

Find out what's happening with the co-creation of B.C.'s new nursing regulator, including next steps with government, maintaining disciplines and a new location.

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Nursing Updates
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Updates to Scope of Practice for nurse practitioners

CRNBC has approved three updates to the Scope of Practice for NPs: Regulatory Supervision of NP Student Activities; Ordering Diagnostic Tests and Managing Results, and Advanced Procedures and Activities.

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New opioid agonist treatment prescribing standards for NPs, approved but not yet in effect

The CRNBC board approved new nurse practitioner standards, limits and conditions that set out the requirements for both induction (initiation) and continuation/maintenance prescribing of opioid agonist treatment for opioid use disorder.

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Notice of suspension: Jean Cunningham

Jean Cunningham has been suspended for a minimum of three months, and fined, after she failed to respond to numerous and repeated communications from CRNBC concerning a complaint against her.

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Case Study

Here's how CRNBC resolves a complaint
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Do you have questions about the RN practice hours requirement?

We often hear from nurses who are unsure about practice hours. This is why we created a list of five tips to help understand this requirement.

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Meet the 2017-18 CRNBC Board
2017 election results
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NEWS  New substance use disorder learning module
Nurses Asked
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What protection do I have if I report another health professional?

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I work in an emergency department. If a police officer asks, should I share information about a patient?

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Regulation Matters is a quarterly resource for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners in B.C. It contains timely information about nursing regulation and issues relating to our mandate that may impact your work.

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