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Summer 2014

Nursing Matters (NP Edition) July-August 2014

Nursing Matters (NP Edition)

Summer 2014


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item: Every child needs a champion
item: We need your feedback
item: Coming up: NP committee appointments

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item: Features
item: Case Studies
item: Nursing Updates
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item: Governance
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Every child needs a champion

You have a unique and important role in our health system when connecting with families in crisis. Being aware of your legal obligations and the important role you play in the lives of children is a profoundly important professional responsibility.

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focus groups

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We need your feedback

We need your opinions on our performance as your professional regulator. We will hold focus groups next month in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna and Prince George. All participants will receive an honorarium.

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Coming up: NP committee appointments

Next month we will begin seeking volunteers for the Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee. There is exciting work coming up! A review of the NP scope document and the standards that it includes is due in 2015.

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Case Studies
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What were the warning signs?
warning signs

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From his first immunization to the emergency department, what were the warning signs?

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More Case Studies
item: 3 confidentiality breaches
Nursing Updates
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Navigating boundaries

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We have a new resource to help you learn to recognize and prevent boundary breaches. Move at your own pace as you explore the potential slippery slopes of boundary drifts, crossings and violations and hear nurses' stories.

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More Nursing Updates
item: 6 resources for pediatric health assessment
item: 2 quick resources for dispensing
item: We updated the RN scope document
item: Nursing Matters (RN and CP editions)
Recommended: Handbook
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 Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect

As a service provider, nurses have a key role to play in helping to keep children safe. The Government of B.C. has a handbook that can help.

Download the Handbook (PDF)
Governance Updates
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item: CRNBC/ARNBC statement on fee collection
item: Upcoming practice support changes
item: Board election ballots due Aug 8
item: 2013-14 Annual Report
item: New application process for internationally educated nurses
item: Changes to employed student registration
item: Board minutes
item: Professional conduct notices
Most Popular With NPs
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item: Some legislative barriers to NP practice removed
item: Controlled drugs and substances prescribing
item: Can NPs prescribe Zopiclone and Sublinox (Zolpidem)?
item: Anticipated changes to NP practice
item: Researchers announced for NP practice analysis
item: We're seeking a deputy chief examiner for the OSCE
You Asked
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What's the difference between pronouncement of death and certification of death?
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Some of my clients do not have a primary care provider. When the care they need is outside my scope and I don't have an NP or physician to consult with or refer them to, what can I do?
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