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November 2015

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Nursing Matters

NP Edition

November 2015

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case study

Am I a nurse 24/7?

At work, you're responsible for acting professionally and being accountable for your practice. How does this professional responsibility translate to your life off the job?

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Test your knowledge: Legislation relevant to your practice

Under the Good Samaritan Act, a nurse is not liable for damages caused by providing assistance at the scene of an accident or emergency so long as:

a) The nurse is not assisting with a view to gain.

b) The patient lives.

c) The nurse is not grossly negligent.

d) The nurse is not employed to provide the emergency medical services.

e) A, C and D.

The answer is...e! Find out more in Legislation Relevant to Nurses' Practice, a quick reference guide that provides a summary of what you are required, authorized or unauthorized to do under all legislation that may impact your nursing practice.

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More nursing updates

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Nursing Matters (CP and NP editions)
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 NEWS  Changes to professional liability insurance
 CASE STUDY  Can you answer clients' tough questions?
 NEWS  "Saying you're one doesn't make you one" public awareness campaign
 YOU ASKED  Will I lose my license if I don't get a flu shot?
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As an instructor, what are my responsibilities for students working at a flu clinic?

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If I am charged with a criminal offence, do I need to tell CRNBC?

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