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March 2017

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Nursing Matters

NP Edition

March 2017

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Five tips for understanding the scope of practice standards
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Scope of Practice

5 tips for understanding the scope of practice standards

The updated scope of practice standards are now in effect. Check out these five tips to help you understand the changes and consider how they will apply in your practice.

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He's not your client: Can you dispense his meds?

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Selena, an experienced critical care nurse, is new to rural practice. One evening, an older man walks into the quiet emergency department with an order sheet—with a medication order—from a local physician. "My doctor sent me to get this filled," he says. Selena reads the order and considers her options.

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More case studies

It's all relative: Caring for a family member
What's in a title?
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MAiD: Acquiring the medication from a community pharmacy

In order for patients to get 100% coverage for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) drugs purchased from a community pharmacy, prescribers must complete and submit a form to the Ministry of Health.

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More nursing updates

Oversight of CDS prescribing
Nursing Matters (RN and CP editions)
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2017 AGM: Call for late resolutions
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 CASE STUDY  Dispensing naloxone in the emergency department
 conduct  Notice of suspension: Jonathan Brereton (#0936298)
 CONDUCT  Former registrant faces criminal charges
 YOU ASKED  What's the difference between pronouncement and certification of death?
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I have my own foot care business but still work in home care. Is it alright to give my business card to my home care clients?

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Sometimes I'm unable to complete all my client assessments according to our protocols. What should I chart in the client's record?

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