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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

January 2017

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B.C.'s opioid crisis and nurses: "Is my licence at risk?"
It's time to renew your registration
MAiD update
Public health warning
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Nursing updates
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Scope of Practice

B.C.'s opioid overdose crisis and nurses: "Is my licence at risk?"

As overdose prevention services are being established across our province, we are being asked by nurses: "Is my licence at risk if I provide nursing care in these sites where conditions can be less than ideal?"

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It's time to renew your registration

Registration renewal opened on Jan. 3, 2017, and over 10% of registrants have already renewed. Take 30 minutes to renew now.

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MAiD Update
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Caring for yourself

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Her shift hasn't even started yet and already, Doris has snapped at a colleague. She knows she's become increasingly short-tempered as winter sets in. She thought getting through the holiday season would improve her irritability, but it hasn't.

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More case studies

Am I a nurse 24/7?
You know the client. Now what?
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Conduct notices
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Notice of cancellation: Leila Reshid

On Nov. 28, 2016, CRNBC cancelled the registration of Leila Reshid of Vancouver (#0905983). Ms. Reshid is no longer entitled to work as a nurse.

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More nursing updates

Deborah Hyldtoft (Reynolds) not authorized to practice in B.C.
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Suboxone continuation prescribing now within NP scope

Prescribing buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone) occurs in the context of addiction treatment. Continuation prescribing of Suboxone is now within NP scope.

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More nursing updates

Call for volunteers: Continuation of prescribing methadone focus group
NP onsite review deferral changes
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Call for Board nominations
Call for 2017 AGM resolutions
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 NEWS  Renewal is coming: What you need to know
 NEWS  Clarifying the "10 clear days" MAiD requirement
 NEWS  Changes to RN and NP scope in response to opioid crisis
 CASE STUDY  Balancing work fatigue with client safety
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What is the difference between preparing and pre-pouring medications? Can I pre-pour medications?

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A client died and left me something in her will. What should I do?

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