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February 2017

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Nursing Matters

NP Edition

February 2017

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Case study: Dispensing naloxone in the emergency department
The clock is ticking: Renew today!
Ask CRNBC webcast
Conduct notices
One nurse regulator update
Nursing updates
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Photo credit: Shayna Walker

Case study

Dispensing naloxone in the emergency department

At the triage desk, Jayne listens to the soft-spoken man in front of her. He’s asking for a naloxone kit for himself. She recognizes Mick—he’s been treated several times in the emergency department for conditions related to opioid use. As she explains that he must register and see a physician before he can receive a kit, Mick’s frustration is evident. He quietly repeats, “I don’t need to see a doctor. I just need a naloxone kit.”

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The clock is ticking: Renew today!

There is less than a month left to renew your registration. In order to maintain your current registration status, you must complete the online application and pay the full renewal fee by 23:59 hours on February 28, 2017. If you miss the deadline, you'll no longer be a registrant of the College. Are you currently a practising registrant? You won't be able to legally work as a nurse until you reinstate your registration.

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Former registrant David Stallcup faces criminal charges

CRNBC has learned that the former registrant known to the college as David Turner Robert is, in fact, an individual named David Stallcup. This information was discovered in the course of a lengthy police investigation. He recently pled guilty to charges of possession of child pornography.

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More conduct updates

Notice of suspension: Jonathan Brereton (#0936298)
Notice of hearing: Laurie Tinkham (#0906455)
One Nurse Regulator Update
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Opioid resource centre

All CRNBC news and resources related to the opioid overdose crisis are now available in one place.

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More nursing updates

Nursing Matters (CP and RN editions)
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Call for Board nominations
Call for 2017 AGM resolutions
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 NEWS  B.C.'s opioid crisis and nurses: "Is my licence at risk?"
 NEWS  New entry-level competencies for nurse practitioners
 CONDUCT  Notice of cancellation: Leila Reshid
 CONDUCT  Notice: Deborah Hyldtoft (Reynolds) not authorized to practice in B.C.
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What is the difference between pronouncement of death and certification of death? Can RNs or NPs do either?

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A company supplying products to our agency has offered funding for nursing education. Would it be a conflict to accept it?

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