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February 2014


Nursing Matters (NP Edition)

February 2014



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item: The renewal deadline is February 28

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Time to renew

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The renewal deadline is February 28

Please ensure you have renewed your registration before February 28 so that you can legally continue to practise nursing after February 28 and avoid additional fees ($222.08 reinstatement fee).

Sign in and renew
Case Studies
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He's not your client. Can you dispense his meds?
He's not your client

Photo ©Veer/Konstantin Sutyagin

It's a Saturday night in Emerg when a man arrives wanting a medication order filled. He's not a client and tells Selena, an experienced critical care nurse, that he doesn't want an assessment.

What happens next?
More Case Studies
item: Confidentiality & photography
item: Duty to Report
item: Does supervising
RN(C)s count as Certified Practice?
Nursing Updates
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Onsite peer reviews

Many NPs will have their first onsite peer review in 2014. The purpose of the review is to assist your ongoing professional development.

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More Nursing Updates
item: 2 changes affecting criminal record checks
item: What is CRNBC Certified Practice?
item: New clinical resources in the Library
item: Nursing Matters (RN and CP editions)
Recommended: Pre-Authorized Payments
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 Tried our monthly payment option?

Want to break up your renewal fee into monthly payments?

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Governance Updates
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item: Call for Board nominations
item: Blog: Improving the internationally-educated nurse experience
item: Careers at CRNBC
item: National Nursing Assessment Service
item: Preserving our past
item: Board minutes
item: Professional Conduct Notices
Most Popular With NPs
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item: Update on prescribing controlled substances
item: 10-second scenarios on "use of title"
item: NP volunteers sought for CRNBC committees
item: National NP practice analysis
item: Want to be part of the OSCE?
item: Ministry of Health NP Resource Manual
You Asked
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If I am charged with a criminal offence do I need to tell CRNBC?
Read our answer
A client sent a "friend" request to my personal Facebook account. Is it okay to accept?
Read our answer
I work on a psychiatric unit. My client, an RN, was admitted for a drug overdose ... should she be reported to CRNBC?
Read our answer
Can I carry out orders taken verbally and recorded by a pharmacist?
Read our answer
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