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December 2015

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Nursing Matters

NP Edition

December 2015

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Renewal: Five things to know for 2016
Have your say: Conflict of Interest
Case studies
Nursing updates
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renewal 2016

It's almost time to renew! Five things to know for 2016

Registration renewal will be open from Jan. 4 to Feb. 29, 2016. Find out what's new and interesting for 2016, including information about fees, professional liability protection, tax receipts and more.

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Have your say: Conflict of Interest practice standard

The Conflict of Interest practice standard is in the process of being revised, and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete a short six-question survey to provide your feedback on the draft version.

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Returning to practice: Weighing the options


After 40 years as a registered nurse, Marlie is enjoying her retirement. When her husband volunteers her to give flu shots again this year at his employer’s annual flu clinic, she needs to make a decision. What are her options?Read more

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Can a nurse diagnose anaphylaxis?
Managing work and learning a new role
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A one-stop shop for case studies

Did you know that you can view a list of all of our practice case studies in one place, organized by subject? Take a look.

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More nursing updates

New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (RN and CP editions)
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Call for Board nominations
Certified Practice Committee seeks members
Call for AGM resolutions
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 CASE STUDY  Am I a nurse 24/7?
 YOU Asked  As an instructor, what are my responsibilities for students working at a flu clinic?
 BLOG  A course every nurse should take
 NURSING UPDATE  Legislation relevant to nurses' practice
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I think I have the flu. If I call in sick, the unit will be short-staffed. Can I work?

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I'm expected to work in an unfamiliar practice area. Can I refuse?

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