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April 2016

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Nursing Matters

NP Edition

April 2016

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Onsite reviews: New chart tool and guidelines
Get ready to vote! Meet your board candidates
NCLEX results
Case studies
Scam advisory
Nursing updates
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CEO blog
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Onsite reviews: New chart tool and guidelines

Onsite reviews for 2016 start this month (if you're having a review this year, you'll have already been contacted). We've recently published the guidelines that NP assessors use during their chart review; read on to learn more about what they're looking for.

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Get ready to vote! Meet your board candidates

You have a say in who sits on the CRNBC Board and helps guide the work of the college. Find out who is seeking election to the board this year.

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A colleague confides in you

Photo credit: nel

Alex's friend and fellow nurse Robin confides that she has been diagnosed with significant clinical depression. Alex had agreed not to tell anyone and wants to support her friend, but she wonders if she has a professional duty to do something.

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More case studies

Does supervising RN(C)s count as certified practice?
Client's right to care and nurse's personal safety
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NP Practice Analysis: Last chance to provide feedback!

We need your help to validate the draft entry-level competencies put forward by the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators.

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Changes to B.C.’s Drug Schedules: Naloxone

On March 22, 2016, Health Canada changed the Federal Prescription Drug list to allow for non-prescription naloxone. CRNBC’s current limits and conditions for dispensing, compounding or administering naloxone remain in effect until they are updated to support non-prescription naloxone.

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More nursing updates

New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (RN and CP editions)
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Annual General Meeting: June 10
AGM: Call for late resolutions
Education Program Review Committee vacancies
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 NEWS  NP Practice Analysis results released
 NEWS  Revisions to RN scope of practice
 CASE STUDY  It's all relative: Caring for a family member
 NEWS  Conflict of Interest practice standard revised
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We often talk about patients during breaks in the staff room. I think this is okay because we all work on the same unit. Am I right?

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What are my responsibilities if I am providing regulatory supervision and the student does something that causes harm?

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