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October 2016

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

October 2016

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Warning signs: When you're crossing a boundary
Scope of practice
Nursing updates
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Case study

Warning signs: When you're crossing a boundary

As Alissa steps off the elevator with lunch for her client, Claire, she narrowly misses a collision with a colleague, Jim. “You’re not working today!” Jim says. "What are you doing here?" Feeling uncomfortable, Alissa asks herself the same question.

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Scope of Practice
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RN Scope of Practice: Minor update

Limits and conditions have been approved for the addition of oral corticosteroids to the autonomous scope of practice by registered nurses treating repiratory distress in known asthmatics in emergency room settings.

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More nursing updates

Nine updated DSTs now available
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CRNBC Board Chair and Vice Chair re-elected
Meet the 2016-17 CRNBC Board
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 NEWS  One nursing college for B.C.
 CASE STUDY  Duty to provide care vs. your personal values and beliefs
 NEWS  Social media and confidentiality
 YOU ASKED  Correct nursing titles for documentation in community health
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I've been asked by a pharmacist/company/doctor to give flu shots. What do I have to consider before doing this?

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I work in a department where patients call and ask for advice. Can I give advice over the phone?

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