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November 2016

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

November 2016

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2017 renewal fees
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2017 renewal fees

After five years of stable fees, practising registrants will see an increase to their overall fees for 2017-18, due to increased association and professional liability protection fees. Fees for non-practising registrants will not change.

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Taking photos of clients: Is it ever ok?

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Wendy, an outreach nurse, examines the ulcerated sores on Jack’s arm. They haven’t improved, but Jack doesn't want to see an NP at the clinic. Wendy's going on vacation, so she decides to take a picture of the sores with her personal phone and text it to the nurses who will be caring for Jack. That way, they can compare the change in sores over time.

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More case studies

Can you answer clients' tough questions?
Balancing work fatigue and client safety
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RN Scope: Delegation of syphilis

Infectious syphilis has been added to the existing delegation held by the BCCDC for diagnosis and treatment of proctitis, epididymitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

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More nursing updates

Nursing Matters (RN and NP editions)
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 CASE STUDY  Warning signs: Crossing a boundary
 NEWS  Changes to eligible practice hours
 NEWS  Changes on the way: RN Scope standards
 YOU ASKED  What to consider before giving flu shots
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Our clients want us to contact them by text. Is this okay and what should we consider?

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Can I make an anonymous complaint or report to CRNBC?

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