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November 2014

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

November 2014

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Get to know Mary Kjorven
International licensure: Bold idea or common sense?
Remote Nursing and RN First Call DSTs revised
Case studies
Nursing updates
Most popular
You asked
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Get to know Mary Kjorven

Mary Kjorven began her second term as CRNBC Board Chair in September. She recently shared her reflections on the past year and her hopes for the future.

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International licensure: Bold idea or common sense?

Cynthia Johansen reflects on the merits of taking a global approach to nursing regulation.

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Telegraph Creek Nursing Station, Tahltan First Nation. Photo Courtesy: First Nations Health Authority

Decision Support Tools

Remote Nursing and RN First Call DSTs revised

The Remote Nursing and RN First Call Certified Practice Decision Support Tools (DSTs) have been reviewed and revised to reflect changes in best practice and to ensure clarity and consistency.

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Social media snapshots

Photo © Veer/DashaPetrenko

These three snapshots show how the Standards apply to common social media issues in practice, such as tweeting a photo of a client, consulting on Facebook, and blogging about work.

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More case studies

He's not your client: can you dispense his meds?
What title should I use?
What were the warning signs?
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Scope: Influenza-like Illness

We have a new resource that clarifies scope of practice with regard to prevention and treatment of Influenza-like Illness.

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More nursing updates

Ebola outbreak in West Africa
New tool to support nurses who dispense
New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (RN and NP editions)
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NCLEX Fall Communication
Nursing Community Assessment Service
P​roposed bylaw​ amendment​​: Reinstatement
Recruiting public reps for our Inquiry Committee
News: Changes to Professional Conduct Notices
Professional Conduct Notices
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 NEWS  New authority coming for RNs and NPs
 NEWS  Revised DST and competencies
 CASE STUDY  A practice challenge for a public health nurse
 CASE STUDY  Is avoidance a boundary issue?
 YOU ASKED  Does the emergency exemption apply if I stop to help at the scene of a traffic accident when I'm off duty?
 NEWS  DST survey results now available
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My employer certified me to provide procedural sedation.
Is this CRNBC-certified

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Is diagnosing or treating asthma part of CRNBC-certified practice?

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