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May 2017

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Nursing Matters

CP Edition

May 2017

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Taking action for patient safety: when a manager reports
Nursing update
CP update
Quality assurance
NCLEX-RN results
Conduct notice
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You asked
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Taking action for patient safety: when a manager reports

​​​​​Karen puts down the file she's been reviewing and sighs. Once again there's a complaint about Janine's documentation. As the nurse manager of the High Acuity Unit, Karen has become increasingly concerned about Janine's failure to document appropriately on her patients.

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Nursing update
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Naloxone: changes related to emergency use for opioid overdose

Changes have been made to provincial and federal regulations to fully de-schedule naloxone for emergency use to treat a suspected opioid overdose in any setting. Find out more and review the revised Dispensing Medications practice standard.

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Your decision support tools are being updated

The CRNBC certified practice decision support tools undergo a regular review to ensure they reflect current evidence for the certified practice areas. Here are the changes.

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DST Update | Remote Nursing
DST Update | RN First Call
Quality Assurance
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My Professional Plan soft launch begins June!

Beginning June 15, CRNBC will start requiring nurses to use the new QA app to complete multisource feedback every five years. A new group of nurses will be chosen to participate each year.

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NCLEX-RN Results
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The 2016 NCLEX results are in

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators have just released their NCLEX results, find out how B.C. students fared in 2016.

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Notice of suspension: Edgardo Santiago

CRNBC on April 25, 2017, suspended Edgardo Santiago of Victoria, B.C. for five months as part of a consensual agreement reached to address his inappropriate conduct of a sexualized nature with a colleague in the workplace.

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Need a CRNBC refresher? This overview is here to help.

We've updated two key documents: one that outlines how CRNBC regulates RNs and NPs, and one that summarises all the legislation relevant to nursing practice.

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Education Program Review Committee vacancies
Board Candidates: Ticket of nominations
Statutory Notice: Annual General Meeting
Call for Late Resolutions (AGM)
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Case study  Protecting vulnerable seniors in your care
Conduct notice  Judith Winter
Recommended  My Professional Plan pilot project a big success
You Asked  Do I need client consent to give a placebo?
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I am concerned about an RN because she is often short-tempered, looks tired and forgets to document care. What should I do?

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Sometimes I am unable to complete all my client assessments according to our protocols. What should I chart in the client’s record?

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