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March 2016

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Nursing Matters

CP Edition

March 2016

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Physician-assisted dying: The role of a nurse
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scope of practice

The role of a nurse

CRNBC advises nurses to avoid initiating a discussion about physician-assisted dying (PAD) and, if asked to participate in PAD, to seek an independent legal opinion regarding their specific situation.

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It's all relative: Caring for a family member

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As an RN, Ling is used to fielding requests for minor care and advice from familiy members and friends. But when her sister requires nursing care at home following an unexpected hospitalization, Ling has a decision to make. Can she walk the fine line between relative and nurse?

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More case studies

Balancing fatigue and client safety
Forgetting to renew: What if it happens to you?
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Revised Conflict of Interest practice standard

The Conflict of Interest practice standard has been revised, and is now a joint standard with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses (CLPNBC) and the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses (CRPNBC).

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More nursing updates

New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (RN and NP editions)
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AGM: Call for late resolutions
December Board meeting minutes
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 NEWS  Diagnosing and treating conditions
 NEWS  Change to tax receipts
 CASE STUDY  Diagnosing and treating hypoxia
 NURSING UPDATE  Revisions to RN scope
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I forgot to renew my registration. Yesterday, my employer told me to stop working and call CRNBC. What should I do?

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In our facility, we provide residents with medications when they leave on a day pass. What's our responsibility when we do this?

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