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June 2014

June 2014 Nursing Matters CP edition

Nursing Matters (CP Edition)

June 2014


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item: How does QA fit into your practice?

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How does QA fit into your practice?

Take a walk through our new quality assurance web module to explore self-assessment, feedback and professional development. This is a great learning tool for learning at your own pace, on your schedule.

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Case Studies
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"What did you think?"
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A nurse seeks peer feedback on her communication style after a difficult discussion with a client's family member.

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More Case Studies
item: Catalyst for learning
item: You know the client. Now what?
Nursing Updates
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Revised dispensing standard comes into effect this month

We made important revisions to the Dispensing Medications practice standard, which comes into effect on June 27. The standard sets out nurses' obligations when they dispense.

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More Nursing Updates
item: New clinical resources in the Library
item: Nursing Matters (RN and NP editions)
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 You'll want to surf our better website

Next month we'll unveil a newly redesigned website. We're looking forward to presenting you with the same great content and some new features, such as a better search engine. Please make sure your Internet Explorer browser is version 8 or newer to properly experience the website.

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Governance Updates
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item: Proposed changes to Certified Practice Approval Committee
item: Blog: Collaborating worldwide
item: Meet the nurses on your June election ballot
item: Our AGM is on June 20
item: We're seeking a Deputy Chief Examiner for the OSCE
item: Board minutes - February
item: Professional Conduct Notices
Most Popular with RN(C)s
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item: Do you dispense?
item: A new way to track your professional growth
item: Duty to provide care emergency exemption
item: A community celebration: You don't have to be a nurse to celebrate Nursing Week
item: How often do I have to work in my certified practice area to be able to renew?
item: Case study: Venting on social media
You Asked
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What information do I have to record when I dispense a medication?
Read our answer
Can I dispense a full course of antibiotics to a client?
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