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April 2014

April 2014 Nursing Matters CP edition

Nursing Matters (CP Edition)

April 2014


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item: What nurses need to know about the report by the BC Representative for Children and Youth
item: Meet the Board candidates

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nurses' responsibilities


What nurses need to know about the report by the BC Representative for Children and Youth

The B.C. Representative for Children and Youth submitted a report to the B.C. Legislative Assembly in February. The report "Lost in the Shadows: How a Lack of Help Meant a Loss of Hope for One First Nations Girl" outlines the tragic account of a 14-year-old First Nations girl who endured ongoing abuse and eventually committed suicide. We want to draw your attention to the report and its findings and remind you of your responsibilities under the Child, Family and Community Service Act.

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Board candidates

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Meet the Board candidates

Your votes will decide two positions this year. A third position, Rural Board Member, was acclaimed. We will mail election ballots to CRNBC registrants in June.

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Case Studies
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A practice challenge for a public health nurse
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Jane is a public health nurse who often runs immunization clinics for children and infants. Parents have asked some tough questions lately that she hasn't always had an answer for.

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More Case Studies
item: Medication misinterpretation
item: Is there a duty to report?
Nursing Updates
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Your 2014 QA profile

Your quality assurance profile is now available. Sign in to your account to compare the responses you gave during renewal in 2013 and 2014. Did your answers change? Did you work on the areas you identified? What's your focus this year?

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More Nursing Updates
item: New clinical resources in the Library
item: Nursing Matters (RN and NP editions)
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 Nursing news in 140 characters or less

Follow us (@CRNBC) on Twitter for breaking news and interesting retweets.

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Governance Updates
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item: Notice of Annual General Meeting
item: Vendor chosen for NP practice analysis
item: Staff mix and patient ratios
item: Assessment fees for IEN applicants
item: NCLEX regional workshop for nurse educators
item: Professional Conduct Notices
Most Popular With RN(C)s
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item: DST Update: Contraceptive Management
item: DST Update: Sexually Transmitted Infections Management
item: 36 Nursing Excellence Award recipients in 2014
item: Case Study: A Facebook Vent
item: How often do I have to work in my certified practice area to be able to renew?
item: Certified Practice courses approved
You Asked
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Can I recommend herbal supplements to my clients?
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I received a subpoena and my manager asked me to speak with a hospital lawyer. What should I do?
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