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October 2014

October 2014
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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

October 2014

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New authority coming for RNs and NPs
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Nursing updates
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New authority coming for RNs and NPs

The B.C. government plans to bring the Statutory Property Guardianship Regulation into force on December 1. This will allow RNs and NPs to assess financial incapability and provide opinions about an adult's capability.

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Is avoidance a boundaries issue?

Photo © Veer/fotoluminate

Nico tried to build a rapport with his new client, but elderly Mr. Stedman consistently ignored his efforts. How did Nico react?

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More case studies

A client's right to care and nurse's personal safety
A practice challenge for a public health nurse
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Staying on track

Now that we're halfway through the registration year, it's a good time to ensure your professional development activities are on track. Will you have enough practice hours to renew? Need help keeping a record?

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More nursing updates

Professional Support Program to end
New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (CP and NP editions)
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CRNBC awards program update
Change to public notices
Board minutes
Building public awareness
Professional Conduct Notices
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 QA  Peer feedback
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Do my clients have the right to know my name?

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Does the emergency exemption apply if I stop to help at the scene of a traffic accident when I'm off duty?

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