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May 2015

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

May 2015

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Government requests feedback on draft regulations
What is the BCNU lawsuit about?
Case studies
Nursing updates
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Government requests feedback on draft regulations

The Ministry of Health has proposed changes to the nursing regulations that will clarify the scope of practice of the four nursing disciplines. Changes to the regulation will clarify the legal authority for providing orders for restricted activities amongst nurses.

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What is the BCNU lawsuit about?

In response to your questions, we posted a brief explanation of the BCNU lawsuit commenced against CRNBC and the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia.

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Can a nurse diagnose anaphylaxis?

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A camper, stung during an outdoor game, is reacting. Do his symptoms add up to anaphylaxis? What should the camp nurse do?

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More case studies

Client's right to care and nurse's personal safety
Can you answer clients' tough questions?
Reflecting on practice
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Announcing better liability protection

Beginning next year, B.C. nurses will receive their professional liability protection and associated services from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society.

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More nursing updates

Certified practice courses approved
Revised DST review policies
New resources on professional ethics
Nursing Matters (CP and NP editions)
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CEO Blog: Understanding the organizations that support nursing

Committee vacancies
Watch for election ballots in June
Attend our AGM on June 19
Nursing colleges explore working together
Latest board minutes
Download the Nursing Community Assessment Service newsletter
Professional Conduct Notices
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 CASE STUDY  Crossing the line on Facebook
 NEWS  Who are your board candidates?
 NEWS  Review your self-assessment
 YOU ASKED  In our clinic, we use sclerosing agents to treat varicose veins. Do I need an order to administer these?
 CASE STUDY  Witnessing consent: what is a nurse's obligation?
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I want to take on a new role
but some aspects of the role
go against my personal
values and beliefs. What
are my options?

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Does being remote certified by CRNBC prepare me to work in remote settings?

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