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March 2018

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

March 2018

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Giving, changing or cancelling orders: what's your accountability?
Nursing in the social media age
Nursing updates
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Case Study

Giving, changing or cancelling orders: what's your accountability?

Jess has been following a client-specific order to treat his patient’s wound. But the condition has worsened, and the dressing type is no longer suitable. What is Jess' accountability when acting with a client-specific order and how can he resolve this issue to treat his patient?

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Other scope of practice resources

An overview of the RN scope of practice changes
FAQs: RN scope of practice standards
Understanding scope of practice: Web learning module
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Nursing in the social media age

Along with everyone else, nurses are texting, emailing, blogging and using social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram... What do you need to consider when thinking about social media and your professional nursing practice?

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Social media case studies

Am I a nurse 24/7?
Professional boundaries on Facebook​
A Facebook vent
Social media complaint scenarios
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One nursing college searches for new CEO

The new single regulatory body for nurses in B.C is seeking a CEO to help bring the three nursing colleges together, and lead the new organization.

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Quality Assurance committee seeks public members
New CRNBC board member: Richard Turner
Call for late resolutions for 2018 Annual General Meeting
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Case study  Medical assistance in dying: what is a conscientious objection?
News  Orders of the Discipline Committee: Laurie Tinkham
Recommended  Maternity leave: what you need to know about leaving and returning to practice
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What is the difference between pronouncement and certification of death? Can RNs or NPs do either?

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I forgot to renew my registration. My employer told me to stop working and call CRNBC. What should I do?

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