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March 2015

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

March 2015

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What is the value of the College?
Case studies
Nursing updates
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What is the value of the College?

In her latest blog, our Registrar/CEO shares some of the results of a recent nurses' survey. Plus, how do your registration fees compare to those in other provinces? We have the numbers.

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Avoiding a client

Photo © Veer/fotoluminate

Nico tried to build a rapport with his new client, but elderly Mr. Stedman brushed aside his efforts. Find out what Nico did next.

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More case studies

Client's right to care and nurse's personal safety
Can she use her "RN" title?
Taking pictures of clients: is it ever okay?
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Supreme Court decision on physician-assisted death

The court's decision on this issue may raise questions for nurses and the public. We're taking steps to examine, research and understand regulatory matters relevant to this issue.

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More nursing updates

Professional development planning
New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (CP and NP editions)
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David Kruyt joins CRNBC Board
Latest NCLEX newsletter
Board minutes
Professional Conduct Notices
Proposed bylaw change​ - nursing education programs
Proposed bylaw change​ - NP Standards Committee (prescribing)
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 BLOG  Why should you trust the College?
 CASE STUDY  Forgetting to renew
 CASE STUDY  Balancing work fatigue and client safety
 YOU ASKED  Sometimes we buy our patients gifts and cake for their birthdays...
 YOU ASKED  Sometimes I'm unable to complete all my client assessments...
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Can RNs or NPs issue the medical document for clients  to get medical marijuana from  a licensed medical marijuana producer?

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I'm considering taking a job at a medical aesthetic clinic where I would administer Botox Cosmetic and dermal fillers. Is this within RN scope of practice?

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Nursing Matters is one of our official methods for communicating with nurses. CRNBC registrants are legally required to receive this newsletter, which contains updates about standards and other news affecting nurses' practice.

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