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March 2014

March 2014 Nursing Matters

Nursing Matters

March 2014


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item: 36 Nursing Excellence Award recipients in 2014
item: 2014 Ticket of Nominations

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item: Nursing Updates (3)
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item: Governance (6)
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item: You Asked (2)
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36 Nursing Excellence Award recipients in 2014

We are delighted to announce the names of this year's CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipients.

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Board Elections: 2014 Ticket of Nominations

An election will decide two positions this year. One position, Rural Board Member, has been acclaimed.

Who are the candidates?
Case Studies
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Venting on Facebook
Case Study

Photo ©Veer/Alloy Photography

Sarah tapped into Facebook to blow off some steam after a busy and frustrating shift. Although she didn't identify anyone, did she breach client confidentiality?

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More Case Studies
item: A client's right to care and a nurse's personal safety
item: You know the client. Now what?
Nursing Updates
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What's in your professional development plan?

Quality assurance activities are a continuous path, rather than a destination. During registration renewal, you indicated that you're meeting self-assessment, feedback and professional development requirements. But while you report on these activities at renewal, the cycle of professional development continues every day in your unique practice environment.

What professional development activities are you planning for 2014?

Planning tools
More Nursing Updates
item: 7 recommendations for using social media responsibly
item: New clinical resources in the Library
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Expand your medication administration knowledge

There's a new web module to support you in applying the medication administration standard to your practice. Learn at your own pace using case studies and tips for everyday practice.

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Governance Updates
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item: A report every nurse should know about
item: Certified Practice courses approved
item: Download your tax receipt
item: CRNBC named a top employer
item: Board minutes
item: Professional Conduct Notices
Most Popular
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item: He's not your client. Can you dispense his meds?
item: 4 things to know about 2014 renewal
item: Try our monthly payment option
item: 2 changes affecting criminal record checks
item: What is CRNBC Certified Practice?
item: Can I carry out orders taken verbally and recorded by a pharmacist?
You Asked
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I want to take on a new role but some aspects of it go against my personal values and beliefs. What are my options?
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I work in an emergency department. If a police officer asks, should I share information about a patient?
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