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April 2015

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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

April 2015

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Who are your board candidates?
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Who are your board candidates?

Your 2015 board ticket of nominations has three at-large candidates (Brenda Canitz, Gayle Carrière and Eileen Maloney-White), one rural candidate (Colleen Hay) and one urban candidate (Stephen Bishop).

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Crossing the line on Facebook

Photo © Veer/Robert Marmion

Someone in Harj's nursing Facebook group has posted disrespectful, even hurtful, comments about clients. Harj knows she has a responsibility to do something.

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More case studies

A colleague confides in you
Vulnerable adults and suspected abuse
Witnessing consent: what is a nurse's obligation?
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Review your self-assessment

The personal report summarizing your answers to the self-assessment questionnaire are now available. We encourage you to take a look, and use the information to help with your professional development planning for 2015.

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More nursing updates

New clinical resources in the Library
Nursing Matters (CP and NP editions)
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Watch for election ballots in June
Our AGM is on June 19
Careers at CRNBC
CEO blog
Professional conduct notices
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 CASE STUDY  Avoiding a client
 BLOG  What is the value of the College?
 NEWS  Supreme Court decision on physician-assisted death
 YOU ASKED  I'm considering taking a job at a medical aesthetic clinic where I would administer Botox Cosmetic and ...
 CASE STUDY  Taking pictures of clients: is it ever okay?
 CASE STUDY  Can she use her "RN" title?
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What are my responsibilities
if I am providing regulatory supervision and the student does something that causes harm?

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In our clinic, we use sclerosing agents to treat varicose veins. Do I need an order to administer these?

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