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October 2011

Oct. 2011 issue of Board Highlights
College of Registered Nurses of British 


CRNBC Board Highlights 

Laurel Brunke, Registrar/CEO announces resignation

Pam Ratner re-elected Board Chair

Standards Update


Continuing Competence for CRNBC-certified RNs

Board Policies

Education Courses Recognized


Board Nominations

Laurel Brunke, Registrar/ CEO announces resignation 

Registrar/CEO Laurel Brunke has announced her resignation from CRNBC. Her last day with the College will be March 30, 2012. Brunke has been Registrar/CEO (formerly Executive Director) since the College was established in 2005. Prior to then, she served as Executive Director of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia since 1998.

The Board accepted her resignation with great regret and expressed their gratitude for her tremendous contributions to the College. They noted that Brunke's many contributions to the profession of nursing and to the people of British Columbia and beyond will be an enduring legacy.

The Board has struck a search committee composed of board members and a member of the College's Leadership Team, and the executive search firm Odgers Berndtson has been retained to assist in the search for the College's next Registrar/CEO. The Search Committee is seeking input from board members, staff and stakeholders about the College's future direction and the qualities desired in the next Registrar/CEO. The Search Committee is chaired by Dr. Pamela Ratner, Board Chair.

Pam Ratner re-elected Board Chair

Pam Ratner, a professor in the school of nursing at the University of British Columbia, has been re-elected CRNBC Board Chair. Ratner, who has been a member of the Board since 2005, was elected in September as chair in accordance with the CRNBC Bylaws that provide for election, by the Board, of the Board Chair and Vice-chair from its elected and appointed members to a one-year renewable term of office.

Lorraine Grant of Prince George was re-elected by the Board as Vice-chair. Grant is a public representative appointed by government to the Board. She is entering her sixth year as a board member and has served on several CRNBC standing committees.

Standards Update

Telehealth Practice Standard
Following a review, the Board agreed that CRNBC's Telehealth Practice Standard remains relevant and approved revisions to clarify the following principles:

  1. Nurses engaged in telehealth are accountable for practising in accordance with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia Standards of Practice, all relevant B.C. and federal legislation, and their organization's policies.
  2. Nurses engaged in telehealth are considered to be practising nursing in British Columbia when they are registered in B.C., regardless of where the client is located.

The revised Telehealth Practice Standard is in effect as of October 23, 2011.

Limits and Conditions Related to Preventing Infection Following Sexual Assault
The Board approved limits and conditions for compounding, dispensing or administering immunoprophylactic or chemoprophylactic agents to prevent infection following sexual assault. The limits and conditions require registered nurses to possess the competencies and follow the decision support tools established by either the B.C. Women's Sexual Assault Service or the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

Delegation for Casting Fractures
The Board has approved delegation of casting a fracture with the following limit and condition:

  • Registered nurses may only cast a simple fracture of an extremity through delegation from a physician after the physician assesses the client, sets the fracture and provides a client-specific order for the cast application.

Registrants interested in casting through delegation should contact a CRNBC Practice Support for more information. CRNBC's Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses: Standards, Limits and Conditions is being updated with the new limits and conditions and will be available from the College's website.

Nurse Practitioner Restricted Activities
The Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners: Standards, Limits and Conditions has been revised to establish a requirement that successful completion of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) exam (or an alternative written examination considered acceptable by the Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee) and the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a condition for any nurse practitioner to be entitled to independently perform any of the nurse practitioner restricted activities listed in section 9(1) of the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation.


  • The Board approved proposed amendments to the College Bylaws to bring CRNBC's registration requirements into compliance with AIT (Agreement on Internal Trade) requirements.
  • The Board approved amending Schedule C – Recognized Nursing Education Programs of the CRNBC Bylaws by removing three programs that are no longer being offered.

The proposed amendments have been submitted to government for approval.

Continuing Competence for CRNBC-certified RNs

The Board has approved a registration standard for CRNBC-certified registered nurses. It outlines the continuing competence requirements they must meet each year in order to renew their registration as CRNBC-certified registered nurses.

Board Policies
Registrant Participation in the Work of CRNBC
The Board reviewed how registrants are selected for appointment to CRNBC committees. The review methodology included the results of the May 2011 registrant engagement survey. Just over three-quarters of the 2,475 registrants who completed the survey agreed that the opportunity to be appointed to a CRNBC committee should be announced to all registrants. They also agreed that committee appointments should not be restricted to Professional Resource Network (PRN) members. The PRN is a database of registrants who have expressed interest in participating in the work of CRNBC.

The Board established as policy that the opportunity to be appointed to a CRNBC committee will be open to all registrants. The PRN will no longer be used for the selection of registrants interested in participating in the work of CRNBC (e.g., committees, focus groups, commenting on draft practice standards). All opportunities to participate in the work of CRNBC will be announced in the e-newsletter and posted on the website along with the required competencies, skills and knowledge.

Education Program/Course Review Policies
CRNBC reviews nursing education programs and courses under the authority of the Health Professions Act. On the recommendation of the Education Program Review Committee, the Board approved revisions to the Education Program/Course Review Policies. The policies are used by the committee to review and evaluate nursing education programs/courses and make recommendations about whether the Board should recognize them, and any terms or conditions of recognition. The revised policies take effect Oct. 15, 2011. View the Policies

Accounting Practices and Standards
On the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee, the Board approved revisions to the Accounting Practices and Standards Policies to reflect that CRNBC does not follow the International Financial Reporting Standards and instead follows the option of combining the existing not-for-profit standards with the Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises, as defined by the Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Until recently, Canada had its own standards for accounting. Now, large public companies are required to account for their financial activities using a set of international financial reporting standards (IFRS). While CRNBC has the option to follow IFRS, IFRS are very expensive to set up and maintain, and are of little value to organizations like the College.

Investment Policy
On the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee, the Board approved revising the Investment Policy to enable CRNBC to invest up to 10% of its fixed income portfolio in holdings rated BBB+. This will allow CRNBC to invest in bonds from organizations, such as TELUS and Bell, that would provide higher interest rates with relatively low marginal credit risk.

The Board also approved the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee to move from a fixed portfolio percentage mix for equities and fixed income investments to an allowable percentage range. CRNBC now has the approval to invest between 55-70% in fixed income investments and 25-40% in equities. These two changes support the College's goal of earning a rate of return equal to or greater than CPI + 3% per annum, while also managing CRNBC's exposure to market losses.

Tendering of Business
On the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee, the Board approved revisions to the Tendering of Business Policy to clarify that tendering for goods and services applies to "anticipated" as well as actual spending.

Financial Authority
On the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee, the Board approved revisions the Financial Authority Policy to: clarify that private or confidential information stored on electronic equipment will be removed or destroyed upon disposal of electronic equipment; and outline the procedure for reviewing and approving the registrar/chief executive officer's expense reimbursements.

Reimbursement of Expenses
Based on benchmarking and on the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee, the Board approved, effective March 1, 2012, the following for claims made by individuals participating in the work of the College by serving on the Board and/or committees:

  • an honorarium amount of $320 per day (prorated for partial days) to compensate for presumed costs such as loss of income; and
  • meal-related allowances of $70 per day ($15 for breakfast, $20 for lunch and $35 for dinner).

Management of Registrant Information
This policy provides direction as to the content and management of information on the College's register of registrants. The Board approved minor revisions to clarify the policy.

CNA Annual Meeting Voting Delegates
Policy rescinded as CRNBC is no longer required to attend Canadian Nurses Association Annual Meetings. In accordance with a joint agreement between CRNBC and CNA, CRNBC's jurisdictional membership has been assigned back to CNA.

Education Courses Recognized

Registered nurse qualifying theory and practice courses offered by Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


The following are appointments to College Committees and the CRNBC Captive Insurance Corporation. 

Appointments Committee
Barb Crook (Chair), Eleanor Elston (Vice-chair), Colleen Hay, Mary Kjorven, Pearl Pacheco

Awards Committee
Charlotte Nelson (Chair), Gulzar Hassan

Board Development Committee
Sharry Hodgson (Chair), Gwen Herrington (Vice-chair), Eleanor Elston, Anne Gavey

Board Review Panel
Barb Crook, Eleanor Elston, Lorraine Grant, Colleen Hay, Sharry Hodgson, Mary Kjorven

Captive Insurance Corporation
Chilwin Cheng

Certified Practices Approval Committee
Cynthia Clark (Co-chair), Karen Irving (Co-chair), Dr. Shona Johansen (Vice-chair), Chris Bowman, Samarjit Dhillon, Leasa Parker-Dunlop, Edna McLellan, Shannon O'Brien

Compensation Committee
Anne Gavey

Discipline Committee
Donna Murphy (Chair), Barb Thompson (Vice-chair), Ana-Maria Hobrough

Education Program Review Committee
Stephen Bishop

Finance and Audit Committee
Donna Murphy (Chair), Ana-Maria Hobrough (Vice-chair), Famella Altejos, Chilwin Cheng, Pam Ratner

Inquiry Committee
Chris Ondrik (Chair), Donna Bentham (Co-vice-chair), Ana-Maria Hobrough (Co-vice-chair), Alfred Field, William Findlay, David Mitchell, Jeffrey Sparling

Nominations Committee
Eileen Maloney-White (Chair), Andrea Ram (Vice-chair), Gail Bremer

Nurse Practitioner Examination Committee
Bob Johnstone (Chair), Lynn Guengerich (Vice-chair), Sue Lawrence, Suzanna McRae, Sue Peck

Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee
Mia Chorney (Chair), Erica Crilly (Vice-chair), Dr. Steven Broughton, Lorraine Grant, Monica Gregory, Kelly McInerney, Karen McLoughlin, Dr. Keith Stothers, Erin Wilson

Quality Assurance Committee
Ed Kry (Vice-chair), Denise Tarlier

Registration Committee
Landon James (Chair), Judith Hazel (Vice-chair), Chilwin Cheng, Nancy Gregson

Board Nominations

Starting in mid-October 2011, the Nominations Committee will be seeking nominations from registered nurse registrants or nurse practitioner registrants in good standing for one At-Large Board Member for a three-year term of office. The 2012 Board Candidate Nomination Form and Information Package will be posted on the CRNBC website the third week in October. The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 3, 2012, 1600 hours (Pacific Time).

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