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October 2010

October 2010




College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

Board Highlights

A summary of decisions made at the October 2010 board meeting. In issue:

  • Pam Ratner Elected Board Chair
  • Standards of Practice Revised
  • Strategic Plan
  • Proposed Bylaw Amendments
  • Board Policies
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Perinatal Nurses Group Dissolved
  • Committees
  • Appointments

2011 Call for Board Nominations
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Pam Ratner Elected Board Chair

Pam Ratner, a professor at the University of British Columbia, is the new CRNBC Board Chair. Ratner, who has been a member of the Board since 2005, was elected in October 2010 as chair in accordance with bylaws amendments approved in April 2010 that provide for election, by the Board, of the board chair and vice-chair from its elected and appointed members to a one-year renewable term of office.

Lorraine Grant of Prince George was elected by the Board as Vice-chair. Grant is a public representative appointed by government to the Board. She is entering her fifth year as a board member and has served on several CRNBC standing committees.

In accordance with the CRNBC Bylaws, the Board now comprises 14 members -- nine elected registrants and five public appointees. Meet the Board

Standards of Practice

Confidentiality Practice Standard Now Includes Concept of Privacy

The Board approved revisions to the Confidentiality Practice Standard including adding the concept of privacy and renaming the practice standard Privacy and Confidentiality. The revised practice standard incorporates changes in legislation and regulations pertaining to privacy and confidentiality. The Applying the Principles to Practice section has been expanded to include information about such issues as making ethical decisions about disclosure, and dealing with new challenges created by changes in technology and the internet (e.g., social networking).

Dispensing Medications Practice Standard Revised
The Board approved changes to the Dispensing Medications Practice Standard, which identifies the principles that registrants adhere to when they need to safely dispense medications to their clients. The changes provide clarification and promote safer systems for dispensing, particularly for registrants who practise with a CRNBC-certified practice designation.

Strategic Plan

This past June, the Board approved a new three year strategic plan for CRNBC starting in March 2011. To assist in evaluating the progress of the strategic plan, the Board is developing a "dashboard" of performance measures. A dashboard provides an "at-a-glance" perspective on the current status of an organization in relation to predetermined metrics, such as cost, time, requirements, risks and customer satisfaction. The Board agreed that the purpose of the CRNBC dashboard will be to report on compliance with legislative and board requirements as well as to identify areas of risk and success.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The Board approved amendments to the College Bylaws to change the required quorum for the Board Review panel and to provide for housekeeping changes. The amendments require government approval.
View the proposed amendments

Board Policies
Registration Renewal

Starting in 2011, registrants will be asked to renew their registration each year by February 1. This administrative deadline will encourage most registrants to renew well before the March 1 deadline, thereby minimizing the number of registrants who miss the renewal deadline and then are required to pay a reinstatement fee.


Nomination and Election of Board Chair and Vice-chair
As of April 1, 2010, CRNBC's Bylaws provide for the board chair and vice-chair to be elected by the CRNBC Board from among its appointed and elected members. The Board has approved a policy for the nomination and election of these positions. The nominee who receives a majority vote will be elected to the position.

Removal of Board Chair and/or Vice-chair
The Board approved a new policy outlining the criteria, process and procedures for removing the board chair and/or vice-chair from office. The board chair and/or vice-chair may be removed by a majority vote of the Board.

Fees for College Programs and Services
CRNBC's policy on revenue generation has been revised and renamed Establishing Fees for College Programs and Services. The revised policy clarifies that, where feasible, CRNBC charges fees on a cost recovery basis. If a service or product primarily or exclusively benefits the recipient and not the profession or society, fees may be established to achieve a profit based on an estimate of what the market will bear.


Accounting Practices and Standards/Financial Authority
In recognition of CRNBC's financial position, the College's operating fund net assets are now to be maintained at an amount of not less than 10% (rather than two months) of the current year's budget.

The threshold at which an item is capitalized has been increased from $500 to $1,000. This reflects better accounting practice and will improve business management performance.

The timeline for doing fair market value adjustments on investments has been changed from quarterly to monthly. This is consistent with the College's monthly business reporting.

Sections on financial authority have been removed from the Accounting Practice and Standards policy. A new policy outlining the financial authority of the Board, Registrar/CEO and College staff has been approved.

Revised to require that the College's investment portfolio (fund performance) be reviewed at least semi-annually instead of annually. Minor wording changes approved to improve clarity.

Reimbursement of Expenses
Revised to clarify that policy pertains to board and committee members, contractors, individuals authorized to represent CRNBC and staff. In addition to housekeeping changes, revisions include:

  • specifying when meal allowance can be claimed and specify that alcohol may not be claimed as an expense except for formal events involving executives and dignitaries, and culturally sensitive situations where refusal to provide alcohol may interpreted as an insult,
  • increasing meal allowances slightly to offset the introduction of the HST in B.C.,
  • deleting the chair's allowance. This policy was developed at a time when the board chair (formerly president) was expected to take time off work to travel and meet with registrants. This allowance is no longer deemed necessary as the board chair is no longer expected to travel as much. The chair is entitled to salary replacement and reimbursement of expenses in accordance with the Board's Reimbursement of Expenses policy.

Grants to External Organizations and Individuals
Housekeeping changes approved.

Tendering of Business
Minor wording changes approved to improve clarity.

Canadian Nurses Association

  • The Board upheld a decision it made in April 2010 to initiate a measured and managed withdrawal as a jurisdictional member from the Canadian Nurses Association.
  • The Board agreed that the Board Chair and Vice-chair as well as the Registrar/CEO will be the College's representatives to meetings with CNA regarding CRNBC's withdrawal from CNA. CRNBC and CNA met in October to discuss options for ending CRNBC’s jurisdictional membership in a measured and managed way. Further discussions are pending. More
  • The Board appointed the CRNBC Board Chair to serve as the College’s representative to the CNA Board of Directors.
  • The CRNBC Board approved a motion to agree with the CNA Board of Directors' proposal that there be no increase in the CNA membership fee in 2012.

Perinatal Nurses Group Dissolved

The Board approved a request from the Perinatal Nurses Professional Practice Group to dissolve as a CRNBC professional practice group, with funds held by the group donated to the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses Canada, B.C./Alberta Chapter.


Quality Assurance Committee
The Health Professions Act requires that health profession colleges in B.C. have a Quality Assurance Committee to "administer a quality assurance program in accordance with the bylaws." Although this requirement under Section 26.1 of the Act is not yet in force, CRNBC has initiated development and implementation of a Quality Assurance Program. At its October 2010 meeting, the Board approved the terms of reference for a Quality Assurance Committee as a standing committee of the College. The committee will consist of eight persons appointed by the Board (five RNs, three nurse practitioners and two public representatives). The committee is responsible for recommending, for Board approval, a registrant quality assurance program and related policies. It also has responsibility for assessing a registrant's professional performance in accordance with the CRNBC Bylaws.

Certified Practices Approval Committee
This committee functioned as a working group on an interim basis until it became a CRNBC standing committee in late 2009. Terms of reference for the Certified Practices Approval Committee were approved by the Board in October 2010. The committee approves certified practice education programs, including competencies, decision support tools, course development and delivery, and exit evaluation. Learn more about CRNBC-certified practice


  • Captive Insurance Corporation Board of Directors: Chilwin Cheng
  • Dashboard Working Group: Barb Thompson, Sharry Hodgson
  • CRNBC Board: Sharry Hodgson
  • Discipline Committee: Bob Johnstone, Barb Thompson
  • Finance and Audit Committee: Christina Hutchinson (Chair), Joel Whittemore (Vice-chair), Ana-Maria Hobrough, Donna Saltman
  • Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee: Monica Gregory (Chair), Mia Chorney (Vice-chair), Chilwin Cheng, Laurianne Jodouin, Dr. Keith Stothers
  • Registration Committee: Lorraine Grant (Chair), Judith Hazel (Vice-chair), Chilwin Cheng, Barb Thompson
  • Appointments Committee: Pearl Pacheco (Chair), Christina Hutchinson (Vice-chair), Carolyn Brown, Stephanie Buckingham, Barb Thompson
  • Board Development Committee: Gwen Herrington (Chair), Carolyn Brown (Vice-chair), Barb Thompson, Sharry Hodgson
  • Board Review Panel: Stephanie Buckingham, Barb Crook, Eleanor Elston, Lorraine Grant, Gwen Herrington, Sharry Hodgson, Barb Thompson, Joel Whittemore
  • Compensation Committee: Lorraine Grant, Gwen Herrington
  • Awards Committee: Shannon Shah (Chair), Linda McGowan (Vice-chair), Charlotte Nelson
  • Certified Practices Approval Committee: Cynthia Clark (Chair), Karen Jewell (Vice-chair), Dr. Nora Etches (subject to formal confirmation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia on October 31, 2010), Karen Irving
  • Discipline Committee: Donna Saltman (Chair), Barb Thompson (Vice-chair), Donna Daines, Charleen Phelps, Kathy Yeulet
  • Inquiry Committee: Chris Ondrik (Chair), Ana-Maria Hobrough (Vice-chair), Kasandra Bonn, Robert Halliday, Tracey Rannie, Eunice (Natalie) Wheatley
  • Nominations Committee: Eileen Maloney-White (Chair), Andrea Ram (Vice-chair), Gail Bremer
  • Nurse Practitioner Examination Committee: Bob Johnstone (Chair), Lynn Guengerich (Vice-chair), Jacqueline (Jacky) Behr, Nancy Cho, Gloria Joachim, Sue Peck, Lorine Scott
  • Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee: Kelley McInerney, Erica Purves, Erin Wilson
  • Registration Committee: Diane Clements, Martha (Marti) Harder)

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