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March 2012

March 2012 issue of Board Highlights, which is a summary of the Feb. 2012 board meeting
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College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

CRNBC Board Highlights

Includes decisions made at the Feb. 10, 2012 CRNBC Board Meeting 

Standards of Practice 

Practice Standards

New Student-related Practice Standards
The Board approved two new practice standards that are in effect as of April 10, 2012:

  • Regulatory Supervision of Nursing Student Activities, which outlines requirements for College registrants who carry out regulatory supervision of nursing student activities. Regulatory supervision by an RN or NP is required for nursing student activities that may affect clients, whether students do them as part of an education program or when working as an employed student nurse.
  • Employed Student Registrants, which sets out practice requirements for employed student registrants. It will replace the Board’s Employed Student Nurses policy, which will be withdrawn when the practice standard comes into effect.

The requirement for supervision of education and employment activities of students who are employed student registrants or grandparented student registrants are set out in the CRNBC Bylaws.

Complementary and Alternative Health Care
The Board approved the deletion of the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practice Standard. The practice standard is no longer required as the regulatory concepts included in the practice standard are found in other Standards of Practice resources, including a new fact sheet Complementary and Alternative Health Care.

Scope of Practice

The Board approved Limits and Conditions on Insulin Dose Adjustments (page 19 and 35 of the Scope of Practice Standards for Registered Nurses), effective March 11, 2012. Registered nurses who carry out insulin dose adjustment must possess the competencies and follow the decision support tools set out by Fraser Health Authority.

Professional Conduct Review

New Early Intervention Addiction Program
The Board has approved a policy to provide for the implementation of an Early Intervention Addiction Program for registrants who are engaged in or are seeking treatment for an addiction. The program l supports the College’s mandate of public protection by helping to ensure that registrants practise nursing only if or when they are fit to do so. More information will be made available as the program is implemented.


Nurse Practitioner Examination
The Board approved the NP OSCE Rescore Policy to confirm the current process and criteria used when the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) is rescored.

RN Examination
The Board received a resolution from the Nursing Education Council of British Columbia (NECBC) asking that the College “immediately suspend further negotiations with NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) on the adoption of the NCLEX exam for Canadian use until a full consultative process with nurse educators through their provincial and national organizations is incorporated into the decision-making process.” Following a presentation from NECBC and discussion with Council members in attendance at the board meeting, the Board reaffirmed its support for CRNBC to partner with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, along with nine other Canadian registered nurse regulatory bodies, in the development of a state of the art, computer-adaptive RN entry exam. Learn More


QA Committee
The Board approved policies recommended to it by the QA Committee that give direction to staff in implementing the College’s QA Program for Registrants. The policies are:

  1. CRNBC’s Quality Assurance Program for Registrants
  2. Collection, Use and Storage of Quality Assurance Data
  3. Assessment of Professional Performance
  4. Multisource Feedback Personal Reports for Registrants

The Board rescinded the Definition and Key Principles Underlying CRNBC’s Quality Assurance Program as these have been incorporated in the new policies.


Education Program Review Committee: Janice Penner

Board Review Panel: Catherine Anderson

Registration Committee: Catherine Anderson, Fiona Lewis

Awards Ceremony Co-chairs: Lorraine Grant, Pam Ratner

Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee: Cynthia Monk


Regulatory Philosophy and Framework
In 2011, the Board authorized a project to develop a regulatory framework and philosophy to guide decision-making and provide rationale for programs and services offered by CRNBC within its legislative scope. A consultant was contracted to review best practice approaches to regulation inside and outside of Canada and look at future trends in regulation. Key informants were also consulted to find out what they think about various approaches to regulation and what their expectations are regarding regulation. At its February 2012 meeting, the Board agreed to endorse the concepts set out in the Draft Regulatory Philosophy and Framework document. The document will be used in continuing conversations with nurses and others about the College’s approach to regulation.

The Accounting Practice and Standards Policy was revised so that the full commitment for payments for leased equipment (e.g., computers, photocopiers) is shown in the capital fund at the time a contract for a capital lease is entered into. While the Board has always approved budget appropriations each year to cover such lease payments, this policy revision improves the quality of the financial information provided to the Board by ensuring that the total commitment for leases is reflected in the College’s financial statements.

The Board approved the appropriation of approximately $270,000 to the capital fund for capital lease commitments.

The Board passed a motion recognizing the appointment of Cynthia Johansen as Registrar/CEO of CRNBC effective April 2, 2012. More

The Board rescinded the Staff Recognition Policy as it is not a board policy, but rather an operational policy.

The Board approved an amendment to the Excluded Staff Benefits Policy so that in future, any benefits for staff which would also benefit the Registrar/CEO must be approved by the Board prior to implementation. This requirement was previously set out in the Registrar/CEO employment contract.

© CRNBC 2012

Board Highlights is published by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia and distributed to select CRNBC registrants and stakeholders following each board meeting and posted on the CRNBC website for all registrants and the public. Publication of information in this newsletter is one of CRNBC's official methods of notification to registrants.


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