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July 2011

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July 2011  

2012 Awards of Excellence
Nominations due Sept. 30, 2011

2010/11 Annual Report

Fall Learning Opportunities

College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

CRNBC Board Highlights 

The College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia and the Canadian Nurses Association sign Agreement
The College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) are pleased to announce a joint agreement which provides for CRNBC to assign its jurisdictional membership in CNA to CNA and maintain the voice of British Columbia registered nurses and nurse practitioners at the national level on health, nursing and social policy matters. The agreement is effective August 31, 2011.

CRNBC registrants will continue to be represented on the CNA Board of Directors by a B.C. registered nurse and at the CNA Annual Meeting through voting delegate(s) from British Columbia. The process for this representation will be determined by CNA. In addition, all CRNBC registrants currently receiving CNA benefits will continue to do so; these include receiving the Canadian Nurse, access to the member only section of NurseOne, discounts on certification examinations, and eligibility for all other CNA member benefits.

CRNBC will continue to collect CNA fees from registrants at initial registration and registration renewal and will transfer these fees to CNA as is done now in accordance with CRNBC’s Bylaws.

The decision by the CRNBC Board in April 2010 to no longer be a member of CNA was not taken lightly. It was considered necessary in light of concerns about the incompatibility between CRNBC’s and CNA’s respective mandates and functions since 2005 when CRNBC was established as a health profession college under the British Columbia Health Professions Act.

CRNBC is proud of the work that CNA has done on behalf of Canadian nurses and is confident that B.C.’s registered nurses and nurse practitioners will continue to benefit from, and contribute to, CNA’s work in the years to come.

Got Questions?
CRNBC Registrar/CEO Laurel Brunke will be available by teleconference on the following dates and times to respond to questions from registrants about this agreement or you can send questions by email to

  • July 8 1400 – 1500  (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • July 13 1030 – 1130  (Pacific Daylight Time)

The following is a summary of decisions
made by the CRNBC Board on June 9, 2011

Duty to Report Practice Standard revised
The Board approved revisions to the Duty to Report Practice Standard, which includes registrants’ duty to report incompetent or impaired practice or unethical conduct of regulated health professionals. The revised practice standard:

  • provides more information to support nurses’ decision-making and
  • uses action-oriented behavioural statements in the Principles.

The revised Duty to Report Practice Standard takes effect July 9, 2011.

Multisource feedback added to Quality Assurance Program
The Board approved the adoption of multisource feedback as an assessment tool for RNs within CRNBC’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program for Registrants. Multisource feedback offers RNs an opportunity to receive confidential and anonymous feedback about their practice from colleagues and co-workers whom they trust and respect. The Board asked staff to pursue how client/patient/family feedback could be included as part of the multisource feedback process in the future.

The QA Program for Registrants builds on CRNBC’s Continuing Competence Program. It is intended to promote high practice standards for registered nurses and nurse practitioners in B.C. and direct action when Standards of Practice are not met.

Implementation of Multisource Feedback is expected to begin in fiscal 2012/13. An implementation plan for this process is being developed and updates will be communicated regularly.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments
The following bylaw amendment proposed by the CRNBC Board is posted on the CRNBC website and requires government approval:

Quality Assurance
Proposed amendments to authorize:

  • the collection of information from patients and colleagues for the purpose of assessing the professional performance of a registrant as part of the College’s Quality Assurance Program for Registrants,
  • the compilation, use and disclosure (to employers, the public, other stakeholders) of aggregated, anonymous information related to registrants’ learning needs, strengths and perceptions of their practice environments.

The following bylaw amendments have been filed with government:

The Board approved minor housekeeping changes to keep the CRNBC Bylaws consistent with recent changes to the name of the Ministry of Health Services, to update a reference to a specific Act (the Public Health Act) referred to in the CRNBC Bylaws and to rectify an omission of a specific section reference in section 4.15 of the Bylaws.

Policy Revisions

Assessment of Nursing Education
Policy has been renamed Assessment of Canadian Applicants Including B.C. Graduates. Revisions include:

  • Replacing the term “temporary registration” with “provisional registration.” Applicants for CRNBC registration who are eligible to work as a registered nurse in B.C. while meeting outstanding registration requirements are now issued provisional registration rather than temporary registration.
  • Modifying the registered nurse regulatory requirements in accordance with the intergovernmental Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). The AIT enables workers in regulated occupations to apply to be certified in the same occupation in another province or territory without having to undergo significant additional training, examination or assessment.
  • Specifying that applicants for registration must meet the English language fluency requirement.
  • Clarifying some terms and definitions.

Assessment of Internationally Educated Nurses (Competence to practice as a registered nurse)
Revised to clarify that the Registration Committee reviews written submissions from internationally educated nurse applicants who have been out of practice for greater than 10 years.

English Language Fluency Requirement
Revised to incorporate work done by a national task force of nursing regulators looking at the issue of English fluency, including specifying which tests are accepted, the scores required and removing the option to mix and match test scores. The revised policy takes effect July 1, 2011.

Revised to better direct decisions about how and when fees paid by registrants are either waived or refunded.

Recognition Award Eligibility and Nominations
The deadline date for nominations for CRNBC Awards of Excellence has been changed from the last Friday in October to the last Friday in September to better facilitate the Awards Committee work. Due to the increase in nominations in recent years, the committee requires more time to review the nominations. The benefit of this change for award nominators is that the names of award recipients will be announced following the December Board meeting instead of after the February Board meeting. The deadline for submitting nominations for the 2012 CRNBC Awards of Excellence is Friday, September 30, 2011.

Captive Insurance Corporation
The Board approved allocating a dividend of $10,000 paid to CRNBC by the CRNBC Captive Insurance Corporation to the CRNBC capital fund. The Captive Insurance Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of CRNBC that provides liability insurance for practising and student registrants.

Board Development
To contribute to the ongoing development of current and future board members, exiting board members will be asked to complete a self-assessment review form in preparation for a discussion with the Board Chair or Board Development Committee.

The Board Development Committee is responsible for board orientation and assisting the Board in evaluating its effectiveness and in identifying learning opportunities for board members.


Certified Practices Approval Committee
Dr. Shona Johansen

Education Program Review Committee
Elizabeth Elliot (Chair), Sandra Kioke (Vice-chair), Lois Felkar, Pamela Thorsteinsson

Inquiry Committee
Donna Bentham, Michelle Grant, Michael MacDougall

Registration Committee
Shelly Evans, Jocelyn Stanton, Wei Li

CRNBC Captive Insurance Corporation
Anne Gavey, Ana-Maria Hobrough, Sharry Hodgson

Developing a Regulatory Philosophy and Framework
One of the goals of CRNBC’s strategic plan is “Regulatory approaches are appropriate, effective and support competent and ethical nursing practice.” This goal includes developing a regulatory philosophy and framework, giving consideration to reduction and management of risk and prevention of harm across all practice domains.

Earlier this year, CRNBC contracted with a consultant to develop of a draft regulatory philosophy and framework for CRNBC. In addition to doing an analysis of the literature, the consultant is meeting with key stakeholders.

In June, the consultant held a focus group with the CRNBC Board. Board members discussed trends that are having an impact on nursing and other professional regulation and how these might impact the work of CRNBC. They also considered where CRNBC ought to be in the “continuum of regulatory practice.” The consultant described this as “regulation in general along a continuum from one end that is more protection oriented – seeking to minimize if not eliminate all possible risks – to the other end which is more laissez-faire – relying on the parties to any given encounter to assess the risks and benefits and act accordingly.”

The Board is expected to consider the consultant’s final report in April 2012.

2011 Annual General Meeting and Annual Report

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of CRNBC was held June 10, 2011 at the College’s offices in Vancouver. A total of 30 voting participants attended the AGM either in person or by audio webcast. The report from the Board was presented by CRNBC Board Chair Pam Ratner. No resolutions were put forward.

Annual Report
CRNBC's Annual Report summarizes the College's performance and activities for 2010/11. It also describes CRNBC's regulatory role in public protection and provides the auditor's financial report.

© CRNBC 2011

Board Highlights is published by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia and distributed to select CRNBC registrants and stakeholders following each board meeting and posted on the CRNBC website for all registrants and the public. Publication of information in this newsletter is one of CRNBC's official methods of notification to registrants.


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