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Board Highlights — current issue


Highlights of key decisions from the September 28, 2012 CRNBC Board meeting.

College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

CRNBC Board Highlights

The following provides highlights of key decisions made by the CRNBC Board on September 28, 2012.

Regulatory Supervision of Nursing Student Activities

The Board approved this Standard which was rewritten to ensure it is clear and easy to understand. The principles and intent of the Standard remained the same. Read more

Board updates

Barb Crook, RN, a Health Services Administrator at Mackenzie and District Hospital and Health Centre, is our Board's new Chair. Eleanor Elston, RN, a Health Care Administrator for Victoria's Baptist Housing, is our Board's new Vice-Chair. They will serve one-year terms effective September 28, 2012.

Board members welcomed Kath-Ann Terrett of North Vancouver to the Board. Kath-Ann was elected to the Member At-Large position in August. Her three-year term of office commenced September 1, 2012. View the Board

Committee Appointments

The following statutory and special committee appointments were made.

Appointments Committee

Anne Gavey, Colleen Hay (Chair), Sharry Hodgson, Mary Kjorven (Vice-Chair), Pearl Pacheco

Board Development

Anne Gavey (Vice-Chair), Gwen Herrington, Sharry Hodgson (Chair)

Board Review Panel

Catherine Anderson, Eleanor Elston, Colleen Hay, Ana-Maria Hobrough, Sharry Hodgson, Mary Kjorvern, Pearl Pacheco, Kath-Ann Terrett

Certified Practices Approval Committee

Samarjit Dhillon, Karen Irving (Co-Chair), Dr. Shona Johansen (Co-Chair)

Discipline Committee

Heather Cook, Karen Fitzpatrick, Ana-Maria Hobrough, Bob Johnstone (Vice-Chair), Michael MacDougall, Donna Murphy (Chair)

Finance and Audit Committee

Barb Crook, Gwen Herrington, Ana-Maria Hobrough (Vice-Chair), Donna Murphy (Chair)

Inquiry Committee

Catherine Anderson, Donna Bentham (Chair), James Hunter, Landon James, Roger King, Eveline LeNoble, David Mitchell (Vice-Chair), Linda Nelson

Nominations Committee

Barb Bedell, Wendy Bowles, Eileen Maloney-White (Chair)

Nurse Practitioner Examination Committee

Michelle Bech (Vice-Chair), Clea Bland, Morley Jameson, Kirsten Marr, Lorine Scott (Chair)

Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee

Mia Chorney, (Chair), Erica Crilly, (Vice-Chair), Stan Marchuk, Debbie McLachlan, Karen Sims

Quality Assurance Committee

Ed Kry (Vice-Chair), Colleen Regehr (Chair), Barb Thompson

Registration Committee

Catherine Anderson, Sheila Gordon-Payne, Lorraine Grant (Chair), Donna Murphy, Jeff Silvester (Vice-Chair), Jocelyn Stanton, Jennifer Yeoman

Read minutes online

As of May 2012, we publish approved board minutes online. Read minutes

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Board Highlights is published by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia and distributed to select CRNBC registrants and stakeholders following each Board meeting and posted on the CRNBC website. Publication of information in this newsletter is one of the College's official methods of notification to registrants.

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