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April 2010


 April 2010




College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

Board Highlights

In this issue:

  • New governance structure

  • CRNBC planning withdrawal from CNA

  • RN Network receives funding to launch new association

  • Standards revised

  • CRNBC 2011-2013 strategic plan

  • Nurse practitioner core competencies updated

  • Board policies revised

  • Appointments

  • Committee annual reports

New Governance Structure
Bylaw amendments to provide for a new governance structure for CRNBC have been approved by government. The bylaw amendments, which came into effect April 1, 2010:

  • delete the positions of president and president-elect and provide for appointment, by the Board, of a board chair and vice-chair to a one-year renewable term of office
  • provide for at-large elections of all registrant board members (urban, rural and at-large members)
  • provide for a three-year term of office for elected board members
  • reduce the size of the Board from 18 to 14 members (nine elected and five appointed)
  • delete the Resolutions Committee
  • replace the board public appointee with a member of the public on the Nominations Committee.

    A process to allow for a smooth transition from the old structure to the new governance structure has been implemented.

    As a result of the revised Bylaws, CRNBC is issuing a new call for nominations for the following positions on the Board:

    • One Rural Board Member
    • One Urban Board Member
    • One At-Large Board Member

    These positions, elected by all registrants, are for a three-year term commencing Sept. 1, 2010. Candidates who submitted nomination forms in the previous call for 2010 nominations have the option of re-submitting a nomination form for these new positions.

    Deadline for nominations is June 3, 2010 (1600 hours). Find out more

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    CRNBC to Withdraw from CNA
    The CRNBC Board has decided to initiate a measured and managed withdrawal from CNA as a jurisdictional member.

    Registrants at the 2010 CRNBC AGM in June will be asked to vote on a resolution authorizing the College to submit a written resignation to the Canadian Nurses Association. CNA’s Bylaws require one year notice of withdrawal from CNA as a member. Read more

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    RN Network of BC to Receive Funding
    Recognizing that there is an opportunity for a new RN association to establish itself to meet the professional needs and interests of B.C.’s registered nurses that are not currently being met in the province, the Board voted to provide one-time funding of up to $153,000 to the RN Network of BC to develop and implement a plan to establish an RN Association of B.C. Learn more about the RN Network

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    Standards of Practice
    Dispensing Medications
    The Board has approved changes to the Dispensing Medications Practice Standard, which identifies the principles that RNs, nurse practitioners and licensed graduate nurses adhere to when they need to safely dispense medications to their clients. The changes provide clarification and direction for this activity. More

    Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice
    The Board has approved the addition of Hb F and Hb HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) to the list of diagnostic tests that nurse practitioners (family) can order. The CRNBC Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners (Family) Standards, Limits and Conditions is being revised to reflect these additions.

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    Strategic Plan for 2011-2013
    The Board has approved some elements of a new strategic plan for the College for 2011-2013. The new strategic plan will be finalized at the June 2010 board meeting.

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    Competencies for Nurse Practitioners
    The Board approved, with modifications, that the nurse practitioner definition, assumptions and competencies in the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Core Competency Framework (December 2009) be used in CRNBC’s Competencies Required for Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia, effective January 1, 2011.

    The core competencies form part of the requirements for nurse practitioner registration with CRNBC and are used by CRNBC in the review and recognition of B.C. nurse practitioner education programs. The modifications to the core competencies and related assumptions ensure that the competencies used in B.C. are current and as well as consistent, where appropriate, with the competencies used in other Canadian nursing jurisdictions. The CRNBC publication is being updated to reflect the changes and will be available later this year from the CRNBC website. For more information, contact Joyce Black, CRNBC Education Consultant at

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    Board Policies
    Board Members as Voting Delegates to the AGM
    This policy, which recommended that board members refrain from voting at CRNBC AGMs in order to avoid potential conflict and to enable them to fully carry out their responsibilities during the AGM, has been deleted. CRNBC's Bylaws specify that each registrant in good standing is entitled to vote at the AGM. There is no provision in the Bylaws overriding that entitlement for registrants who are board members. Board members who percieve a conflict of interest may still recuse themselves from voting on any matter that requires a vote at the AGM.

    Board Authority for Registration, Inquiry and Discipline Policies
    The Board has expressed concern regarding the policy-making authority of three standing committees: Registration, Inquiry and Discipline. The Health Professions Act gives these committees the authority to establish policies that the Board, as the governing body accountable for the stewardship of the College, does not have authority to approve. A review of other health profession colleges found that some colleges shared a similar concern. The Board requested staff to carry out a further review with those colleges before determining what action to take on the matter.

    Accounting Practices and Standards
    Revised to clarify depreciation on computer software.

    Nurse Tutor Criteria
    The Board agreed that it would not reconsider a decision it made in February 2010 (and reported in the February 2010 Board Highlights) to delete its RN Tutor Criteria Policy. The Board had received an outside request to reconsider it's earlier decision.

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    • Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee: Barbara Radons, Mona Kwong
    • Board Review Panel: Bob Johnstone

    Committee Annual Reports
    The Board received annual reports for 2009 from each of the College's standing committees. Summaries of these reports will be included in the CRNBC annual report for 2009, which will be available online before the 2010 AGM in June.

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