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February 2013

Minutes from the Feb. 2012 board meeting.


CRNBC Board Meeting — February 8, 2013
0830 hours
CRNBC Boardroom — 2855 Arbutus Street, Vancouver, B.C.

In Attendance

Barb Crook, Chair
Eleanor Elston, Vice-Chair
Catherine Anderson
Chilwin Cheng
Anne Gavey
Lorraine Grant
Colleen Hay
Gwen Herrington
Ana-Maria Hobrough
Sharry Hodgson
Mary Kjorven
Marilyn Loewen Mauritz
Pearl Pacheco
Kath-Ann Terrett
Cynthia Johansen, Registrar/Chief Executive Officer

Also in Attendance

Karen Davis, Executive Assistant, Registrar/Chief Executive Officer
Natasha Dookie, Deputy Registrar/Director, Registration, Inquiry and Discipline
Francine Gaudet, Director, Communications
Katherine Graham, Director, Human Resources and Organization Development
Daniel Laflèche, Director, Corporate Support
Sandra Smith, Communications Specialist


Georgina Black, Administrative Support, Policy, Practice and Quality Assurance
Chris Daly, Nursing Policy Consultant
Laurie Dokis, Nursing Practice Consultant
Cathy Farrow, Nursing Practice Consultant
External Guests
Annette Angell, Assistant Registrar, College of Opticians of British Columbia

Call to Order

Barb Crook, Chair, called the meeting to order at 0830 and welcomed the observers.

Approval of Agenda



By general consent it was agreed to adopt the agenda as presented.

Approval of Minutes


By general consent it was agreed to approve the following minutes of the CRNBC Board:

  • December 7, 2012.

Financial Statements Report


By general consent it was agreed to receive the draft December 31, 2012 financial statements as circulated.

CRNBC/ARNBC/BCNPA/CNA – Evolving Relationships

The Board had an open discussion about the evolving relationships between the College and the provincial and national associations for nursing.

Strategic Planning 2013 – Update

The Board discussed next steps in the process of developing a new strategic plan.

Registrar/CEO Report


Moved and seconded to receive the report of actions take by the Registrar/CEO on behalf of the College of Registered Nurses of BC on positive recommendations made by the Education Program Review Committee about the baccalaureate registered nurse programs offered by the following education institutions:

  • University of British Columbia – Vancouver
  • Vancouver Island University
  • North Island College with Vancouver Island University
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology

NB: Ana-Maria Hobrough abstained

Health Regulatory Organizations' Public Awareness Campaign

A presentation about the current status of the HRO Public Awareness campaign was provided by staff for the Board.

Government Relations Presentation

A presentation about current issues was presented by Earnscliffe Strategies to the Board.


The February 8, 2013 meeting adjourned at 1520.

Certified as Approved

Barb Crook, Chair
Cynthia Johansen, Registrar/Chief Executive Officer


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