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December 2012

Board minutes from the December 2012 board meeting.


CRNBC Board Meeting — December 7, 2012
0830 hours
CRNBC Boardroom — 2855 Arbutus Street, Vancouver, B.C.

In Attendance

Barb Crook, Chair
Eleanor Elston, Vice-Chair
Catherine Anderson
Anne Gavey
Lorraine Grant
Colleen Hay
Gwen Herrington
Ana-Maria Hobrough
Sharry Hodgson
Mary Kjorven
Marilyn Loewen Mauritz
Pearl Pacheco
Kath-Ann Terrett
Cynthia Johansen, Registrar/Chief Executive Officer

Also in Attendance

Karen Davis, Executive Assistant, Registrar/Chief Executive Officer
Natasha Dookie, Deputy Registrar/Director, Registration, Inquiry and Discipline
Francine Gaudet, Director, Communications
Katherine Graham, Director, Human Resources and Organization Development
Daniel Laflèche, Director, Corporate Support
Christine Penney, Deputy Registrar/Director, Policy and Quality Assurance
Sandra Smith, Communications Specialist


Elizabeth Elliot, Senior Manager, Practice, Registrant Learning and Quality Assurance
Janet Ray, Senior Manager, Policy and Practice
Leeann Ring, Nursing Practice Advisor
Rekha Singh, Nursing Practice Advisor


Chilwin Cheng

Call to Order

Barb Crook, Chair, called the meeting to order at 0834 and welcomed new board members Lorraine Grant and Marilyn Loewen Mauritz, and observers.

Approval of Agenda



By general consent, it was agreed to adopt the agenda as presented.

Approval of Minutes


By general consent, it was agreed to approve the minutes of the following meetings of the CRNBC Board as circulated:

  • September 28, 2012
  • October 15, 2012 Email Vote; and
  • October 18, 2012 Email Vote.

Financial Statements Report


By general consent, it was agreed to approve the October 2012 draft financial statements as circulated.

Finance and Audit Committee Report


Moved and seconded to modify Board Policy CS B10 (Financial Authority) in Appendix A to:

  • Require the CEO to maintain a financial risk analysis and related target for Operating Fund Net Assets;
  • Operating Fund Net Assets are to be maintained at a level greater than the bottom of the range approved annually by the Board and any deviations from this need to be reported to the Board; and
  • Remove references in the Board Policy CS B1 (Accounting Practices and Standards) in Appendix B to existing 10% and 2% thresholds.

Moved and seconded to set-up a reserve for legal costs as follows:

  • Set-up of a reserve of $500K for "unplanned" legal costs for the current fiscal year-end. Budget will be allocated from this fund to departments to pay for actual expenses. The fund will be reduced by these expenses. The size of the reserve will be evaluated at each budget cycle, and the reserve will be topped up at the end of the fiscal year;
  • Amend Board Policy CS B10 (Accounting Practices and Standards) to reference there being a budgeted reserve for certain legal costs; and
  • Amendment Board Policy CS B1 (Financial Authority) to identify the type of legal costs that are applicable to the legal reserve. These costs include HPRB, Hearings, FOI and HR legal issues.

Moved and seconded to amend Board Policy CS B10 (Financial Authority) to allow the CEO, at his/her discretion, to transfer budgeted funds for projects between the current and following fiscal year's approved budgets, when the resulting Net Assets are not negatively affected. This may be done on a project-by-project basis. The list of these transfers and amounts must be approved by the Board and the related budgets amended.


Moved and seconded to approve the budget as presented, including a minimum level of Net Assets of $1,919,420.

Board Policies Review


Moved and seconded to approve creation of the new Board Policy – Deputy Registrars as attached in Appendix A of this report.


Moved and seconded to approve creation of the new Board Policy – Business Continuity Management Program as attached in Appendix B of this report.


Moved and seconded to approve the revised policies for certified practice course reviews as set out in Appendix A of the December 2012 Board report on this subject, to become effective on January 7, 2013.


Moved and seconded to approve Quality Assurance Committee recommendations as follows:

  • Accept the QA Committee withdrawal of their April 2012 recommendation to the Board to approve the policy Reporting Registrants Who May Pose a Threat to the Public;
  • Approve the black lined amendments to the QA Program for Registrant Policy: QA Committee Terms of Reference as set out in Appendix F of this Board report; and
  • Approve the black lined amendments to the QA Program for Registrant Policy: Collection, Protection, Use and Storage of QA Data as set out in Appendix G of this Board report.

Nursing Excellence Award Nominations


Moved and seconded to grant the following CRNBC Nursing Excellence Awards to the nominees below:

Award of Distinction

Val Cartmel, Dianne Doyle, Patricia Porterfield

Excellence in Nursing Administration

Angela De Smit, LaDonna Fehr, Valerie Munroe, Petra Pardy, Sharon Provost, Miriam Stewart

Excellence in Nursing Education

Sally Breen, Sandra Harris, Cathryn Jackson, Val Lamb, Richard Luscombe, Susan Ross, Astrid Westervelt, Dr. Lynne Young

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Agnes Black, Betty Reid Girard, Shelley Irvine, Stephen Parker, Christine Pearson, Gale Santa Juana, Anne Shields, Steve Silva

Excellence in Nursing Research

Dr. Martha MacLeod, Dr. Maura MacPhee, Dr. Peggy Simpson

Award of Advocacy

Sukhdev Grewal

Rising Star

Jessie Addy, Chelsey Childs, Ivana Marinov


Strategic Planning 2013

The working group presented their report.

Regulatory Philosophy - Next Steps

The Board discussed the use of the Regulatory Philosophy as a touch stone for Strategic Planning 2013.

Registrar/CEO Report

The Registrar/CEO presented her report.

Changes to the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation

The Board reviewed proposed changes to the Regulation.

Captive Insurance Corporation Update

The Board received a report on the current status of the Captive Insurance Corporation.

Communications and Rebranding – Western Counterparts Relational Regulation Project

The Board received an oral report and presentation on the current status of the project.

Registration Committee Policies

The Board did not have any recommended changes for the Registration Committee policies.


The December 7, 2012 meeting adjourned at 1520.

Certified as Approved

Barb Crook, Chair
Cynthia Johansen, Registrar/Chief Executive Officer


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