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2017 Board Candidates

​Our College Board is composed of members elected by registrants and individuals appointed by government. The Board Chair and Vice-chair are elected by the Board fr​​om amongst its members to a one-year renewable term of office.​

Board​ elections

2017 ticket​ of nominations

Three-year term commencing Sept. 1, 2017. One to be elected.​​

 At-large candidates

Stan Marchuk

Stan Marchuk, MSN, NP(F), CNeph(c)

Stan Marchuk, Vancouver, is a Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul’s Hospital Renal Program, Providence Health Care. He has also participated in focus groups on Nurse Practitioner scope review and the CRNBC accreditation focus group.

Candidate Statement

I have over 25 years nursing experience in practice, leadership and research. My career has afforded me the opportunity to work in various roles, environments and areas of practice. I began my career as a Practical Nurse, progressing on to a diploma RN, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and finally a master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner. In the every changing dynamics of healthcare I look forward to working collaboratively with registrants and the public to ensure we maintain structures and process that support excellence in nursing practice and protection of the public.


Tricia Marck

Tricia Marck, RN, PhD

Tricia Marck, North Saanich, is a Professor and Dean, Human and Social Development, University of Victoria. Tricia is currently a CRNBC At-large Board member. She is also a member of the CRNBC Board Development Committee (Chair), Compensation Committee, and the Finance and Audit Committee.

Candidate Sta​​t​ement

As the landscape in health care, health professions regulation, nursing education, and nursing practice all continuously change, it is no easy task to ensure that the public consistently receives safe, competent, ethical professional nursing care. I deeply value working with registered nurses and public representatives on the CRNBC board and with others to contribute to realizing this goal. My commitment is to use my background in nursing practice, nursing education, professional and regulatory bodies, and leadership to work collaboratively with everyone who shares a vision of good nursing care. Together I believe we really can make a difference that counts.


 Rural candidates

Barb Crook

Barb Crook, BSN

Barb Crook, MacKenzie, is a Health Services Administrator, Mackenzie & District Hospital, Northern Health. She is a member of the Finance and Audit Committee. She has also served on the CRNBC Appointments, Board Development and Compensation Committees and the Board Review Panel. She previously served on the Board and has also served as Board Chair.

Cand​​​idate Statement

My 40 year career experience includes hospital administration and bedside nursing in a rural setting providing me a robust understanding of the challenges of rural practice including recruitment and retention of both Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. I had the great privilege of serving on the RNABC Board through the transition in 2005 to CRNBC. During this period I served on many board committees and as Board Chair in 2012. I would like to bring my knowledge and skills of governance to the board and contribute to the transition to the One Nursing Regulator.

Gwen Herrington

Gwen Herrington, MSN

Gwen Herrington, Pouce Coupe, is a Primary Care Nurse, Dawson Creek Health Unit – Public Health. She is a member of the Finance and Audit Committee and Chair of the Nominations Committee. She has also served on the CRNBC Appointments, Board Development and Compensation Committees and the Board Review Panel. She previously served on the Board (2009-2014) and has also served as Board Vice-chair.

Candidate​ Statement

I have enjoyed being a board member with CRNBC in the past and it would be an honour to serve once again. My nursing career encompasses long term care, medical/surgical wards, community and public health nursing in the rural community of Dawson Creek. It has been a varied and interesting career. These experiences have added to my understanding of regulating in the public’s interest and the regulatory philosophy. They have also increased my leadership skills making me a good candidate for the board. Thank you so much.


 Urban candidate (acclamation)

Helen Jackson

Helen Jackson, MSN, Certified Practice STI, Contraceptive Management

Helen Jackson, Burnaby, is a Nurse Educator/Clinic Nurse – Certified Practice, Langara College/BCCDC STI Clinic/Surrey Youth Clinic. She is a member of the Certified Practices Approval Committee.

Candidate Statement 

I am interested in being a member of the CRNBC Board as I have a strong belief in the importance of protecting the public and supporting the nursing profession. As a clinical educator and a practicing nurse I feel that I have a unique combination of work that gives me an overview of what students are being taught and what is happening in clinical practice. The public places trust in the nursing profession that is unrivaled by other professions and it is essential that CRNBC do everything in their power to maintain the integrity and excellence of the nursing profession.​


 Schedule 2017

Board candi​date ​​​information

Information on Board candidates, including candidate statements and photographs, will be posted on this website in late March and published in the April newsletters.​

​Election ballots

Elections ballots for the contested positions will be mailed in late June to registrants in good standing.

Completed election ballots are returned to the election trustee by Aug. 4, 2017. The election trustee conducts the ballot count in mid-August. 

After Board candidates have been contacted with the ballot count results, the information will be published in the electronic newsletters and posted on the college website. ​​​

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