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The Registration Committee composed of at least nine members reports on and approves policies with respect to the registration of new, renewing and reinstating registrants. Approved policies are presented to the Board for its review and feedback.




Term of Office Exp​​​ires

Kyle Pearce member of the public​​ 2018
Jocelyn Stanton (vice-chair) appointed board member ​2018
Anita Buchanan registrant 2018
Sheila Gordon-Payne registrant 2018
Donna Murphy (chair) registrant ​2018
Catharine Schiller registrant ​2018
Ann Laing registrant 2018
Robert Halliday registrant 2019
Tracy Hoot registrant 2019
Janine Lennox registrant 2019
Amelia Chauvette registrant 2020
Sandy Judge registrant 2020
Signy Novak registrant 2020
David Holt member of the public 2020
Beverley Maxwell member of the public 2020
Barb Thompson member of the public 2020

Term expires the day after the first sitting of the newly-appointed Board.


The Registration Committee requires initial and reinstating applicants for practising status to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Committee their identity, good character, fitness, and competence. Those granted registration may be renewed by the Registration Committee if the registrant is able to demonstrate they have met continuing competence requirements. 

The Committee is responsible for registration policies, which guide the Committee in managing applications consistently and allow staff to carry out the daily processing of applications. When an applicant does not clearly meet registration requirements and policy does not direct otherwise, an applicant’s file and supporting documentation are presented to the Registration Committee for consideration and decision.​


Registrants and public representatives (member of the public or appointed board member).


Two in-person meetings a year (business to be conducted determines the length of the meeting). The Committee also meets in panels of three every two weeks. Panel meetings (between one to two hours) are held by conference call.

Pre-Meeting Preparation

Between one to three hours.​​​​​

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