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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Committee administers a registrant quality assurance program and related policies including methods and frequency of assessments for registrants' participation in continuous professional development.




Term of o​​ffice expires

Recruiting ​member of the public
Recruiting member of the public
Heather Kelsall member of the public 2018​
Eliza Henshaw nurse practitioner (family) 2018​
Annaliese Hasler (co-chair) nurse practitioner (family)
Barbara Korabek (co-chair) registered nurse
Susan Shumay nurse practitioner (family)
Cammie Lewis nurse practitioner ​(family)
Jacqueline Per (chair) registered nurse
Cheryl Prescott registered nurse

Term expires the day after the first sitting of the newly-appointed Board.

Role of the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee

CRNBC’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program supports CRNBC’s mandate to regulate in the public interest. The QA Program incorporates CRNBC’s regulatory philosophy, is proactive, and supports nurses to meet high practice standards for the provision of safe, competent and ethical care. 


The QA Committee is responsible for administering and maintaining the QA Program including overseeing the intervals and results of nurses’ periodic assessments obtained through methods such as the NP onsite peer review, prescription review, and multisource feedback.

The primary focus of an assessment is on the registrant’s compliance with CRNBC standards of practice. An assessment may also focus on promoting best practices, which may exceed minimum standards.

Registrant assessments may be completed by assessors appointed by the QA Committee. Assessors have authority to look at a registrant’s client records, and make observations, gather information and report to the QA Committee.

The authority of the QA Committee and its assessors is derived from the Health Professions Act and CRNBC bylaws.


  • Three public members
  • Four nurse practitioners
  • Three registered nurses


The QA Committee holds in-person and teleconference meetings, each approximately five hours in duration. To review policy, the Committee meets as a whole. To review registrant QA information, the Committee meets in panels of three or more committee members, including at least one public member. Normally, there are three policy meetings and six panel meetings in one year.

Pre-Meeting Preparation

Between two to four hours.​​​​​​

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