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Finance and Audit

The Finance and Audit Committee composed of at least six members recommends policies to the Board with respect to the college’s financial affairs. The Committee also advises the Board on audit issues and proposes the annual budget.




Term o​f o​ffice expires

Sheila Farrell board member 2018
David Kruyt (chair) board member 2018
Stephanie Buckingham board member 2018
Barb Crook registrant 2019
Martha (Marti) Harder registrant 2019
Mary Kjorven (vice-chair) registrant 2019
Gwen Herrington board member 2019

Term expires the day after the first sitting of the newly-appointed Board.


Advises the Board on the needs of the college in regard to financial administration and the financial implications of Board decisions; the application of legislative, regulatory and other financial requirements to the college; and financial r​isk management and audit issues related to the administration of the college. 

In addition, the committee recommends, for Board approval, financial policies essential to the financial administration of the college.​


Board members and two individuals who are not Board members.


In-person two to three meetings a year (half day). If required, up to two conference call meetings (one to two hours).

Pre-Meeting Preparation

Between one to three hours.​​​​​​

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