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The Discipline Committee meets in panels of three to conduct hearings. After a hearing of the evidence, the Committee makes decisions about a registrant’s professional conduct and the disciplinary action required to address the conduct.




Term of office ​expires

Marilyn Loewen Mauritz appointed board member 2018
Tracey Martindale (co-chair) registrant 2019
Laurie Ledger registrant 2019
M. (Star) Mahara (co-chair) registrant 2019
Sheila Cessford (vice-​chair) member of the public 2019
Lori Charvat member of the public 2019
Brenda Downey member of the public 2019
Bob Johnstone member of the public 2019
Shirley Nakata member of the public 2019​
Dr. Thomas Ward member of the public 2019
Robert Halliday registrant 2019
Lorine Scott registrant 2019
Catharine Schiller registrant 2019
Kira Antinuk registrant 2019
Vesna Jojin registrant 2019

Term expires the day after the first sitting of the newly-appointed Board.


Following the investigation of a written complaint under Part 3 of the Health Profession Act, the Inquiry Committee may direct the registrar to issue a citation for a discipline hearing. This is most likely to occur in circumstances in which the Inquiry Committee determines that a competency, conduct, or fitness concern impacting practice is supported by evidence, but the registrant denies the allegations or, despite admissions, is unwilling to enter an appropriate resolution agreement to remedy the matter in the public interest. In this case, the competency, conduct, or fitness concern will be evaluated by the Discipline Committee in a hearing setting in which witnesses are called to testify and documentary evidence is presented. Discipline Committee members work in panels of three to conduct hearings. The Discipline Committee weighs the evidence to make factual findings about what happened and determine whether and what type of regulatory intervention in a registrant’s practice is required to ensure public safety.​


Registrants and public representatives (member of the public or appointed board member).


The panel process can take up to two weeks at a time, but occurs infrequently.​​​

Two discipline hearings were held in 2016-17.​​

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