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The College functions with two kinds of committees: statutory committees and special committees.

More than sixty-four registrants and thirty members of the public and representatives from a number of external bodies across the province support the work of the College’s statutory committees. The Board is appreciative of the skills, experience, knowledge and time these individuals contribute to their role, duties and responsibilities as a statutory committee member.

 CRNBC committees

The College Bylaws specify the following statutory committees:

The Public Interest

Statutory committees assist the Board in fulfilling its public protection mandate. Most of the statutory committees report to the Board. In very few instances, statutory committees are charged with making de​​cisions independent of the Board.​

​Supports and resources

Orientation, information, on-going supports and resources are made available to all committee members.

Additional informa​tion

If you require additional information, please contact Caroline Millan Office of the Registrar/CEO.

 Committee vacancies

Registra​nts applications


Public ap​plications

We are recruiting two members of the public for the Quality Assurance committee.​​​​​​​​

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