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Certified Practices Approval

The Certified Practices Approval Committee approves DSTs and reviews certified practice education programs, including competencies, course development and delivery, and exit evaluation, and makes recommendations to the Board.




Term ​of office expires

Recruiting medical practitioner 2018
Blake Reynolds pharmacist ​​2018
Virginia Ann Jacklin regi​strant ​2018
Helen Jackson registrant​ ​2018
Janet Murphy health care employer ​​2018
Sherry Katz registrant ​2019
Gulshan Khudra registrant 2020
Susanne Niewiadomski (co-chair) registrant 2020
Janine Lennox (co-chair) registrant 2020
Wanda Pierson registrant 2020
Avtar Dhillon registrant 2020

Term expires the day after the first sitting of the newly-appointed Board.


The Certified Practices Approval Committee approves the Decision Support Tools (DSTs) and reviews certified practice courses according to standards and indicators for certified practice education, and makes recommendations to the Board regarding approval of such. The Committee also reviews and recommends policies and procedures pertaining to certified practice to the Board.


Registrants: RNs (certified practice designation), nurse educator/nursing education program, clinical nurse educator, nurse administrator, and direct clinical practice.

External: Health care employers representative; medical practitioner; and a pharmacist.


In-person five to six (full day) meetings a year. If required, one to two conference call meetings (between two to three hours).

Pre-meeting p​reparation

Between three to four hours. ​​​​​

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