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Vicky Bach

2014 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Fraser Health

Vicky Bach is easily one of the most respected Clinical Nurse Specialists in Fraser Health and in the province of British Columbia. As an expert in gerontology, medicine and palliative care, she is regularly consulted by health practitioners and leaders at all levels about complex and challenging patient issues and systemic challenges.

“Her commitment to person-centered care, a proactive plan of care for patients is shown through her leadership of the Ministry of Health-mandated model of care called 48-6,” notes Fraser Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Susan Brown. This model of clinical care management aims to ensure that six care areas for seniors are addressed within the first 48 hours of a hospital admission. “Thanks to Vicky’s expert knowledge and experience in seniors’ pain management, this became recognized as a core functional care area recognized as essential to the safe, quality care of older adults.”

Vicky has been proactive about advancing clinical practice with practical nursing tools. In 2010, she spearheaded a Competency Assessment Planning and Evaluation tool, incorporating accountable care across all care delivery settings for older adults — it was so useful, it was adopted provincially across numerous health authorities.

When Vicky identified gaps in practice when nurses were caring for patients with delirium and related behaviors, she developed a worksheet staff could use to document the activities of a patient over several days. That way, patterns and trends could be identified and better care delivered.

Vicky is gifted at applying research. She developed an Acute Ischemic Stroke Care Path to standardize and regionalize stroke care across Fraser Health; once again, her work found a wide audience, as it was presented to the International Stroke Congress in 2013; later, the World Health Organization asked to include the research in their library. Vicky also publishes a monthly newsletter on various geriatric conditions for Fraser Health and has authored numerous publications on end-oflife and nursing roles. Ultimately, all of this research benefits patients directly at hospitals and care facilities far and wide.

Earning her Master's of Science Degree in Nursing from McMaster University in 2005 after winning multiple academic awards, Vicky continues to update her own practice skills to this day. “Vicky always sees herself as a student, open to new experiences and research,” says Fraser Health Analyst Astra Pereira. “She’s always looking for new ways to make informed decisions and lead and support front line staff.” At the same time, she continues to give back, providing mentorship and support to new nurses, educators and leaders in the field.

Beyond Vicky’s professionalism, many colleagues are also inspired every day by her compassionate, engaging personality. “She provides unending advocacy for patients and families to have a safe journey through the health care system,” says Fraser Health Coordinator Chantale Pampline.

Vicky has personally had a positive impact on countless patients and through her many initiatives, she has helped improve care delivery and indirectly saved the lives of many. Her amazing work leaves a lasting legacy that benefits patients of all ages.

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