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Tricia Sinclair

2014 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Rising Star

After Hours Clinical Coordinator
Island Health, Campbell River & District Regional Hospital

Seeing the big picture in health care delivery is a complex challenge even for experienced nurses — yet Registered Nurse and Clinical Coordinator Tricia Sinclair shows the strategic mindset and innovative practice of a professional far beyond her years. Working on the medical and surgical units at Campbell River Hospital (CRH) and with broad experience in stroke and palliative care, she is a force for positive change wherever she practises. “

I have worked with Tricia for the last two years and have watched her develop from a frontline nurse into a leader the team comes to for support and guidance,” says CRH Clinical Coordinator Darcy Carmichael. “She goes above and beyond for her patients, whether it’s providing direct care, listening to their concerns, or facilitating team meetings, she always gives the patient and family a central focus.”

This year, Tricia stepped into her role as Clinical Coordinator while the nurse manager was away. “She had to be an excellent communicator and balance the needs of patients, their families and a large staff,” says Suzanne Shelswell. “During this time, our unit experienced a wave of significantly acute patients. Tricia navigated this difficult period using exemplary assessment and nursing skills and leading problem solving with the input of staff. Thanks to her, the unit was able to maintain a high level of safe care for our clients.”

Every day, Tricia shows an extraordinary clinical decision-making ability, in contexts large and small. “For instance, Tricia will advocate for stroke patients to be placed in a room with each other because it has been shown that they will support each other.” Another time, while teaching a newly diagnosed diabetic patient and his family about managing his condition after discharge, she was able to provide information in a reassuring way for his large, anxious family. She led a patient-focused family discharge meeting for a situation involving complex medical issues where she encouraged all to participate in a plan for discharging the patient, showing innovative planning with a multi-disciplinary team.

Going above and beyond normal nursing care, she showed excellent leadership once again as staff were dealing with several violent patients. She kept all staff, patients and visors safe, using all available resources to ensure safe patient care plans while addressing everyone’s needs in a compassionate manner guided by best nursing practices.

Graduating with her BSN from North Island College in Comox in 2008, Tricia has gone on to acquire specialized training in palliative and stroke care. She also participates in the British Columbia Stroke Collaborative and in the VIHA CDMR working group, using these kinds of professional development opportunities to both further her own knowledge and share what she has learned with the rest of the ward.

Tricia’s innovative problem-solving expertise and positive attitude as both a leader and part of the team have had a great impact on nursing at her local hospital, boding well for the future of patient care delivery for the region.

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