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Stan Marchuk

2014 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Award of Distinction

Nurse Practitioner
Providence Health Care, St. Paul’s Hospital

Stan Marchuk is a nurse practitioner who is making a difference every day. Whether he’s delivering frontline care to patients or giving his fellow nurses the knowledge and confidence they need to be their best, he does his duty with distinction.

Stan is a go-to expert on the ward at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver, leading by example. That’s a standard he picked up fairly early on in his nursing career, since the time he was a Nursing Instructor at Alberta Vocational College in the early 1990s and through his many years of diverse frontline caregiving in nephrology, oncology, cardiac surgery, geriatric medicine and other areas.

“Stan is an incredible nurse practitioner,” says Dr. Mercedeh Kiaii, a Physician Leader specializing in Vascular Access and Hemodialysis. “He is devoted to his patients and is always learning new ways to improve care. As such, he’s an invaluable member of our Hemodialysis Clinical Practice Group, helping improve our standard of care.” While his technical skills are unsurpassed, his caring personality truly sets him apart when he gets to work: “He has an amazing rapport with all of the patients. They trust him.”

Thinking outside the box has helped Stan to advance nursing care even further; for instance, by simply improving the pre-printed orders in place for patient care, he decreased the time and effort required in providing improved bedside patient care.

Staying on top of his nursing specialties takes dedication — a quality Stan has in ample supply. He has 20 years of nephrology experience, making him an internationally recognized expert in the area. A purposeful pursuit of knowledge propelled Stan from completing his nursing diploma in 1994 to ultimately completing a Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Victoria in 2009. Since then, he’s been involved in many health-related conferences and specialized professional associations, such as the Canadian Association of Wound Care and the Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists.

Outside of his role at St. Paul’s Hospital, Stan is an Adjunct Faculty Professor at the University of Victoria and also works with the Ministry of Health, looking at integrating Nurse Practitioners more effectively into the health care system. In these roles, Stan is promoting new initiatives to improve patient outcomes and independence.

As one sign of his impact, nearly 90 percent of the nursing staff at St. Paul’s Hospital attends his popular workshops on patients with hemodialysis; as well, when his team entered a Providence Health Care Practice Based Research Challenge, their abstract was selected from among 3,000 submitted by 75 countries — ultimately, their findings were significant enough to be presented at the 2013 Quadrennial International Congress of Nurses in Melbourne, Australia.

Other health care practitioners who see Stan in action are inspired. “Through his role modeling, I see the many ways we can change the health care system for the better,” says Nurse Practitioner Sarah Jane Damiani. “His daily support has helped me provide quality care and his activism challenges me to examine barriers to health care so I can work to address them for the patients I serve.”

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