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Laurel Archer

2014 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Education

Clinical Resource Nurse – Surgical Day Care, PAU & Ambulatory Care
Vancouver Coastal Health, Richmond Hospital

PeriAnesthesia is an essential specialty in modern medicine; thanks to experts like Laurel Archer who share their knowledge and insight, patient safety is maximized before and after countless surgeries every day.

Today, Laurel is a PeriAnesthetic Clinical Resource Nurse at Vancouver Coastal Health’s Richmond Hospital, where she has served in various nursing education roles since 1998. She is extremely proactive in sharing best practices, taking advantage of any opportunity to promote nurses’ professional development. “Laurel excels in using multiple teaching strategies, from using group questions and case studies of complex patient situations or looking closer at issues that have cropped up more frequently at the PeriAnesthesia Care Unit,” says Professional Practice Director at VCH Monica Redekopp. “She posts evidence-based literature, expertly delivers presentations and provides skillful demonstrations in clinical and classroom settings.”

In addition to her professional role at VCH, Laurel is a member of multiple associations, such as the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses, Canada’s national association and the UBC School of Nursing, where she serves as an Adjunct Professor. She also Co-Founded the Perianesthesia Nursing Association of BC in 2002, holding various roles in the organization. She has supervised students in courses, set exams, reviewed papers and undertaken all of the classroom and clinical roles one could expect from a nurse educator.

Laurel uses her position in educational planning to help advance practice quality and patient outcomes in practical and innovative ways. For instance, when Richmond Hospital was preparing to implement new PCA and epidural pumps, she ensured the facility had the best technology available to deliver and control post-operative pain safely. She completed the education planning, and ensured nursing staff and physicians had all of the resources they needed to learn to operate the new equipment safely. She has also headed up a number of new educational programs, such as specialized training for nurses within Surgical Day Care and PACU settings, a Pediatric Surgical Day Care program and a program to care safely for patients receiving electroconvulsive therapy.

Going beyond classroom teaching, Laurel has plenty of experience producing a lasting legacy of useful nursing education materials. For instance, when a shift in organization assigned ambulatory care nurses to be used as need for medical imaging tasks, Laurel set up a full program. This included development of patient care guidelines, patient education materials and much more, helping these nurses adjust seamlessly to their new setting.

Laurel also excels at teaching by doing. “Laurel exemplifies what it is to be a registered nurse and she proudly wears that title,” says Nurse Educator Jaswinder Bassi.” She performs her duties professionally, within the nursing scope of practice and offers a cutting-edge, benchmark-standard perspective to her team thanks to her up to date research. She is a practice expert in peri-operative nursing and has been my role model as an educator.”

Being a great communicator is a critical part of her job. While Laurel’s knowledge is authoritative, she always brings across her expertise with sensitivity, passion and humor. “She collaborates very effectively with O.R. nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons and has earned the respect and admiration of the medical staff at Richmond Hospital,” says Dr. Sharadh Sampath.

Laurel Archer’s continual efforts to spread learning and best practices have helped make health care as pain-free as possible for countless BC residents.

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