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Dr. Kelli Stajduhar

2014 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Research

University of Victoria School of Nursing

In the field of palliative care and research, there are few who can rival the professionalism and accomplishments of Dr. Kelli Stajduhar. A nationally and internationally known expert, Kelli asks the key questions and works collaboratively to help ensure that today’s end-of-life care practitioners have the information they need to provide their patients with the best kind of support.

“I have witnessed first hand what sets Kelli apart,” says Professor Gweneth Doane. “I have never met anyone who can span the practice and research worlds in the same way that Kelli is able to do. Her deep understanding of clinical practice, experience supporting that practice at point-of-care and her deep commitment to the well-being of patients and families exemplifies what it truly means to move knowledge into action.”

Kelli is a Professor at the School of Nursing and Centre on Aging at the University of Victoria. In addition, she works with the Fraser Health End of Life Program as a Research Scientist. She has many years of experience both as a practising nurse and dedicated researcher. At the School of Nursing, her current initiatives with the End of Life Care Program are expanding care delivery for patients who are dealing with chronic disease and frailty.

“Kelli’s research has helped us understand the challenges that family caregivers face while caring for loved ones dying at home,” says Clinical Nurse Specialist Della Roberts. “It has led to changes in how our teams engage in interdisciplinary rounds and has supported staff to develop tools to appropriately assess patients and their families’ needs.”

As Investigator on the New Emerging Team for Family Caregiving and participating in A Palliative Approach in Nursing: Evidence and Leadership (iPANEL) projects, Kelli has advanced the work of practicing nurses in both hospital and community settings. “The iPanel project effectively brings together nurse clinicians, educators and researchers who strive to ensure more Canadians have access to hospice palliative care,” says Registered Nurse Coby Tschanz.

It’s hard to overstate the impact of Kelli’s tireless work. She has been the Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI on over 28 studies and participated in 25 additional studies, notes School of Nursing Director Noreen Frisch. She has received grant support of over $5 million for her PI research and over $25 million has supported the additional studies in which she has worked alongside national and international researchers. In addition, she has published over 65 peer-reviewed articles, several book chapters and given over 125 presentations. As well, she is active as a consultant, engaging in knowledge translation activities across BC and Canada, helping nurses think critically about care delivery for aging and dying patients.

While she is known through her work as an effective researcher, those who know Kelli up close benefit from her charismatic personality and unshakeable commitment to patients, says UBC School of Nursing Professor Sally Thorne. She brings entire communities together to work constructively for improved care for a special patient population.

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