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Christine Jerrett

2014 CRNBC Nursing Excellence Award recipient

Excellence in Nursing Education

Clinical Nurse Educator
Providence Health Care, Mount Saint Joseph’s Hospital

Keeping up to date with the latest best practices in nursing and health care is like chasing down a moving target. The best nurse educators are tenacious about not only sharing knowledge, but ensuring their own education is up to date at all times. At Providence Health Care in Vancouver, Christine Jerrett is at the top of her game as one of the health authority’s top Clinical Nurse Educators.

Presently working out of the Surgical Daycare/Endoscopy Suite and Post Anesthetic Care, Surgical and Inpatient units at Mount St. Joseph’s Hospital, Christine can look back on a long legacy of front-line nursing and educational roles in a dizzyingly diverse portfolio of specialties. She has taught in nursing programs at the University of British Columbia and BCIT and developed guidelines for healthcare workers at both Providence and Vancouver Coastal Health.

“As Christine’s career has evolved, I have witnessed firsthand her ability as an exceptional bedside nurse, team leader, mentor and educator,” says fellow Nurse Educator Astrid Westervelt. “Christine’s experience in a number of teaching settings enables her to provide a positive learning experience for all.”

In some health care settings, as in mature institutions anywhere, old habits can be hard to break — but that is where Christine shines. “When Christine came to our unit, she was met with challenges and resistance, especially in introducing new protocols,” recalls colleague Susan Tan. “Her patience, assertiveness and creativity paid off in the end and she continues to push us to be better nurses.”

That one-on-one instruction is critical in a high-pressure health care environment, but Christine’s expertise is also used to improve the health authority on a bigger stage. She has developed and implemented education and accreditation throughout Providence. For instance, early in her role as a nurse educator in the Post Anesthetic Recovery Unit, Christine reviewed and redeveloped an orientation program for new staff, including an innovative electronic orientation resource manual for new nurses. She has developed programs for staff to ensure accreditation standards are met consistently, improving patient outcomes. On top of this, each morning, Christine presents a question jar to staff, ensuring there’s a ‘teachable moment’ each and every day.

Many of the nursing education materials Christine has developed over the years have become go-to resources for nurses. From an online learning module for VTE prophylaxis and an online game to prepare staff for accreditation, to stroke information packages and other materials, she has buttressed nursing education in countless ways — directly impacting care.

Christine models lifelong learning for other nurses — in addition to her full-time professional commitments, Christine has recently completed her Master’s in Advanced Practice Nursing Leadership at the University of Victoria. This tops off a baccalaureate degree, two nursing specialty program certifications, a certificate in practice education and countless educational opportunities at workshops and conferences, as well as her work with numerous health associations.

Christine always finds the time to mentor and answer questions whenever on staff nurses need assurance. Nurses feel supported when she is around — a testament to Christine’s expertise, dedication and compassion

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